Top accessories for the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10


When I upgrade phones, I like to take a look ahead of time to see what accessories are out there. I always purchase a case to have on hand for the moment my new phone is unboxed.  And I like to be prepared with any charging and other accessories I may need for on-the-go as well.  Here are a few of my favorites for the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus!  


LifeProof NEXT and FRE for the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus – LifeProof has been a favorite brand of mine for phone cases.  The cases are protective and long lasting.  While the phone is already waterproof, the cases add extra protection from the elements.  Personally, the FRE is my case of choice as it has a built in screen protector for added protection.  


OtterBox has released a complete lineup of cases for the Galaxy S10 and S10+ including the Defender, Commuter, Symmetry, Strada, and Pursuit cases.  For ultimate protection, the Defender series is the way to go.  If you want something still protective but a little slimmer, check out the Commuter case.  The Strada case is a little different in that it is a folio style case that has space for a card.  If you are looking for style, definitely check out the Symmetry case – there is a variety of patterns and colors to choose from.  And last but not least, the Pursuit case is the thinnest of them all, still delivering great protection to your phone. 


If you need a screen protector, the Whitestone Dome tempered glass screen protectors are highly rated and compatible with the new Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.  The patented Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive that covers edge to edge makes these screen protectors second to none.  Android Authority has a great article about the installation and features of the Dome Glass.  



For those looking for extra charging cables, I highly recommend the Nomad Rugged Cables.  The universal 3-in-1 features a fast charging Micro USB tip, a USB-C adapter, and a Lightning adapter.  The cable is durable and I have been using mine for about 5 years now.  And did I mention, it does support fast charging?  < One of my favorite features as I have absolutely no patience to wait for my phone to charge!  The 0.3M is perfect for moms (or dads) to keep in their bag, car, or pocket.  It is super convenient and should last you through your next phone upgrade! 


If you are looking for a pair of Bluetooth earbuds but aren’t quite sure about the Galaxy Buds, I recommend checking out the Jaybird RUN True Wireless Earbuds.  They are comfortable and have great sound quality.  The battery life is great (the case holds extra battery for a quick on the go re-charge) and they are waterproof.  Keep an eye out for a sale as I have seen them as low as $89 before!  


While the S10 and S10+ come with various amounts of internal storage, all of which seem to be “enough” for most people, at some point you may see yourself needing to add storage.  I recommend checking out deals on the Samsung Evo MicroSD cards and having one on hand, especially if you plan to go on a trip.  It looks like the phones can take up to 512GB extra storage but you can start smaller if you don’t feel the need for that much.  


If you tend to take a lot of fun selfies with the family or your friends, I recommend the Joby GripTight ONE.  It can grip around something like a tree branch or even work as a tripod on a flat surface.  As I will be upgrading from an S7 to an S10, I can’t wait to experience and take advantage of all the new camera features and increased quality.  This accessory will definitely be one I look into purchasing.  Just set the timer (or purchase a bluetooth photo remote) and you will have photos to cherish forever.  



Now that most of us use our phones as our GPS, it is extremely helpful to have a car mount for our phone.  The iOttie Easy One Touch Dashboard Mount fits most phones and even supports landscape orientation.  A bit pricier is the iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charge version, which some may find to be a convenience they didn’t even know they needed.  


There are so many other great accessories out there that I haven’t even discovered yet.  Feel free to drop a comment below with your favorites or shoot me an email!  

4 Space-Saving Tips After the Wedding

You have finally tied the knot with your wedding and two have become one! It is so exciting, but taking your relationship to the next level is a massive move that requires some adjustments. As you start your brand new life with your spouse, you will have to learn to adapt to sharing the same space. When you were dating and living in different houses, you each had your own space, your own things, and your own taste.  And if you’re used to living totally alone, then you will have to adjust sharing one tiny space. What will happen to your other things? Consider the following space-saving ideas below to help you deal with your new married life as you convene in one house.

Place Big Ticket Items in a Self-Storage Facility

As a newly-married couple, you come to live together and realize you have so many big items that you share. You both have the set for your living room, dining area, bedroom, or more. You only need one set each in your new home, especially if it is a tiny starter house or an even smaller condo.

Instead of giving those away immediately, consider putting them in an affordable temporary storage unit like Anaheim self-storage. They have different storage unit sizes to address your needs. These big-ticket items are very expensive, so you may want to hold off on giving them away. After all, you can use them when you eventually build your own dream house.

Of course, post-wedding, this is hard to do because you’ve just spent a ton of money on the ceremony and the reception. But somewhere down the line, you will be needing the extra sofa set for the family room in your new home or you could use the LCD television you’ve kept for your spare bedroom.

Make an Agreement Regarding How Much You Can Bring

Often, space issues arise because you haven’t with your partner ahead of time regarding your expectations. You may value minimalism, but your spouse could be the polar opposite! This will undoubtedly create friction in no time. And even if you’re not polar opposites, you may eventually become upset with each other as these minor disagreements add up. 

If you want to have enough space and freedom to move around in your new home, you will have to talk and agree to certain terms. You may have to compromise with each other regarding the stuff you can bring in your shared space. Out of respect for your spouse, you may have to accommodate his Matchbox collection even if you don’t like it. Most of all, you have to agree to respect each others’ privacy, so you must never declutter and purge your spouse’s things without securing permission. This agreement regarding how to manage space will make your life a newly married couple smoother.

Donate Your Duplicates 

It is a smart decision to hold on to big-ticket items because they cost a lot of money. However, this rule doesn’t apply to cheaper items. You will certainly have duplicate items with your spouse like your coffee maker, iron/ ironing board, toaster, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, and so on. Rather than hoard these duplicate items that will only consume too much space, it is better to donate them to a local secondhand store or give them away to friends who need them.

Keeping these extra items will only add to the mess in your home. The last thing you want is clutter as this disrupts your peace. If you want to save on space and maximize the existing one your small home provides, then you must part with these items that your spouse already has. Letting go of things you don’t need will keep you from having a disorganized home.

Minimize Your Personal Items

Last but not least, if you really need more space, then both you and your spouse will have to trim down your personal belonging. Take out the shoes, bags, accessories, and clothes that you no longer use. If you have not used them within the past six months, then there’s a greater probability that you won’t use them anymore. It is time to find a new home for your gently-used items.

The same thing goes for power tools, cutlery, dinnerware, and more. If you have no plans of using them and they just sit around gathering dust, then it is time to let them go. Things that don’t get used over a long period of time just lose value and usability, so it makes a lot more sense to give these items away to someone who will appreciate them.

Organize and Declutter Your Life

Tips to organize and declutter your life


Clutter takes over your home. It leaves you feeling helpless swimming in the disorganization of each room. As a family grows, the clutter just gets worse. We have some ways you can get rid of the clutter in your home and get organized.


Storage Unit

Some people have so many items, they need a self-storage unit. It’s a great thing because you can come and go from your storage unit and get things you need. You may use it for holiday decor, extra furniture, bins, or whatever you feel. You can fill storage units with anything extra that is taking up room in your home. Many times the garage becomes the place where all of your extras land. Hit the garage, attic, and basement first to find items that would best go in a storage unit.


One Step At a Time

You don’t have to clear out all of the debris in one day. Take a few minutes each day to clear out each room. Throw away the obvious things you are no longer using. Donate things that you see that you never use anymore. You can do a deep clean later. Keeping your home free of clutter will help you enjoy each day a little more. You won’t have to wade through all of the junk to get to the things you really need. If you try to do this in one day, it might overcome you. Take it a few minutes or hours at a time.


Take Everything Out Of Each Space

This is going to sound crazy, but take every item out of each space. You need to know what all you have and realize how much you have that you never use. Start with a blank slate. Once you clear the space, start organizing things into like items. You can sort them into boxes, donate items, or just throw them away. You’ll realize you have a graveyard of old beauty products, blankets that have sat in the top of a closet for years, and decorations that seem like they’re from a really bad magazine. The blank space will only be there for a little bit, but you’ll appreciate it much more when it’s filled with things you use.


Garage Sale Time

A garage sale is one of the best ways to rid of things and make a little money for more. Remember that your trash is another person’s treasure. You may not need three vacuum cleaners, loads of extra clothes, and a few basketballs. Someone else may want these things. After the garage sale, call up your local thrift store and they will usually come and get the leftovers. Go through your house looking at things you rarely use but know would come in handy for others. Don’t try to sell broken things but get rid of things that just are no longer useful, yet taking up space. You may use your treadmill as a place to hang clothes. Someone else would pay you to take that treadmill because they want to run a few miles on it each day. Everyone wins!


Do You Love It?

As you go through your house looking at things to donate, keep or throw away, ask yourself, ” Do you love it?” If you don’t use things in your house, get rid of them. Don’t think you are going to use a random mixer or spiffy dress if it’s been sitting there for five years. If your kids have toys collecting dust, these toys are forgotten. It’s hard to get rid of random things that you think you just might use in a blue moon. The reality is that you probably will never use these things. Just face this reality and get rid of it. Bite the bullet and rid of the things that you don’t love.


Make a To-Do List

You don’t want to get overwhelmed, so start with a to-do list. Make a list of the rooms that most drive you crazy. If you can’t stand your kitchen pantry, then hit it first. If you want to go through the playroom, tackle it. Use your list to figure out the items that are stacking up and the places that drive you bananas. Go for it!

10 Tips To Reduce The Stress Of Moving

Moving can be quite a stressful experience. While this is true regardless of where you move, it can be especially so if you’re moving across the country. Much of this can include which moving company to choose, how to pack your belongings, and much more. To help reduce this stress, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. While you might not get rid of the pressure completely, they can minimize it as much as possible.

Start Packing Early

One of the primary causes of stress when moving is packing away our belongings. The main reason behind this is that many of us can forget how many things we have. Adding to this is the fact that we’re keeping and throwing away.

As a result, it can take much more time than we might believe, which is why it’s recommended that you start packing early. Doing so should avoid much of the stress associated with moving.


Choosing a moving company is one of the more critical decisions you’ll have to make. There are quite a significant number of high-quality companies that you can work with, such as North American Van Lines. They are the moving professionals that you need.

During the process, you should look for their customer reviews, where they can move your belongings to and from, how much they charge, and much more. By doing so, you should be able to choose the right moving company for you without having to break the bank.


One Room At A Time

One of the more overwhelming parts of moving is packing everything away. This can be compounded by the sheer volume of belongings we have. This could lead to many of us wondering where to start and how we’re going to get through everything. To simplify things, it’s recommended that you take things one room at a time.


Label Everything

While everybody will think about packing when they’re moving, many people forget having to unpack once they’ve gotten to their new home. As a result, they can often fail to make preparations for when they’re there, which could make unpacking much more difficult.

To overcome this as much as possible, it’s recommended that you label each of the boxes. This could be much more beneficial when you’re going one room at a time, as you’ll be able to label everything accordingly.



Many of us will accumulate a significant number of things over our lives, many of which we may forget about and not use. This will mean that we’ll often be presented with quite a considerable number of belongings to pack when we’re moving.

However, you can avoid this by downsizing and donating any unwanted items to charity. Doing so could also mean reduced costs when you’re moving, as your belongings will take up less space on the van.


Nest Your Boxes

Small containers and moving boxes tend to move around much more than larger ones, which could mean that the items left in them could become damaged. There are a few ways to avoid this, however, with the most notable being to nest your boxes. This involves placing putting several smaller boxes into a larger box, which should then cut down this movement.


Important Documents

Naturally, nobody wants to lose their important documents when they’re moving, which means that you’ll need to take steps to avoid doing so. One of the easiest and most efficient ways is by placing all of them in a folder and keeping it with you during the move, which will avoid the stress associated with losing them.



While nobody wants their belongings to become damaged, this will be especially true when it comes to valuables. There are a few things that you can do to protect yourself against it, with it being recommended to bring them with you in your vehicle, if possible. Insurance can also be recommended.


Keep An Inventory

One of the most important things you should do is to ensure that you keep an inventory of what goes onto and off the truck, especially if the belongings will be put in a storage unit at any point. Occasionally, mistakes can happen, and these are best found out as early as possible.



With the stress of moving, it can be quite easy to make a mistake, such as forgetting one of your belongings. As a result, it can be highly recommended that you double-check everything before you make the move. This can avoid the hassle of having to get anything replaced.

Fun at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL

Fun at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL


A few weeks ago, my boys and I got a chance to go to the Field Museum together.  It was just a mommy and son day out since my husband had a nearby appointment.  I hadn’t been to the museum in about 13 years but they had been there just the year before, so they decided to “teach” me all about everything we saw.  It was so much fun and so educational!

We only had a couple of hours to explore but we made the most of it.  I let the boys lead me through and pick which exhibits they wanted to see.  


Be Prepared

  • Check local event schedules and time your trip accordingly – holiday weekends, Cub game days, special events at the museum, and even rush hour and construction could majorly impact your travel time.
  • Plan to arrive early – the museum can easily keep you entertained all day, and if you are done early, there are plenty of fun sights nearby.
  • Plan ahead on your parking – the Field Museum has some tips for where to park on their website, click here for parking information.
  • Bring snacks/lunch – you are allowed to carry a backpack, so I recommend bringing snacks and lunch to save a bit of money, or to help be more prepared if you have food allergies.  There is an area on the lower level as well as a beautiful grass yard outside for a lunch break.  If you do not want to tote around food, there are two restaurants at the museum.  
  • Look for discounts – As stated on their website, “Families with valid EBT (Link) or WIC cards from any state are eligible for $3-per-person Basic admission for up to six people.”  You can also qualify for free or discounted visits if you are a member of another museum.  I am a member of a local children’s museum, the Discovery Center Museum, in Rockford, IL and qualified for free basic admission for my family at the Field Museum.  You can also visit the museum on “Free Admission Days” but be aware that it will be very busy.  


Inside the Museum

After checking in, the first exhibit we went to was Inside Ancient Egypt right there on the first level.  It was absolutely amazing!  First you walk into what looks like a (mini) pyramid.  After walking through, you will reach a staircase.  You can go down into the “pyramid” and view real ancient mummies!  They have 23 human mummies and over 30 animal mummies.  You can also learn about ancient Egyptian life and see real and reconstructed artifacts.  

Inside Ancient Egypt - at the Field Museum in Chicago


The Egyptian exhibit was so impressive and interesting that we had to go through it again before we left the museum.  It was definitely a favorite of ours!


Maximo the Titanosaur at Field Museum Chicago - #HelloMaximo


Next, we couldn’t help but go check out Maximo, the Titanosaur!  Modeled from fossil bones, Maximo stands over 28 feet tall! 


Meteors, gems, and minerals at the Field Museum in Chicago


We wandered through some more exhibits, took a few bathroom breaks (and snack breaks because that’s life with two growing boys!) and eventually came across the Metetorites, Minerals, and Gems exhibits.  We probably spent equal time in each as my boys oohed and awed about everything.  Now that both are becoming avid readers, they were able to read the descriptions and maintain interest as we walked through.  They read and learned about birthstones and found each one around the room of gems, and then looked to see which gems were their favorites.  

We checked out more exhibits but I was focused on my time with them so I didn’t really get a lot of photos.  I am actually patting myself on the back for that.  It felt great to just be there in the moment!  


Chicago Illinois (behind the Field Museum)


Since we only had a couple of hours to explore, we got through everything that was on their list, then went behind the Field Museum for a snack and quick view of the city and Lake Michigan before we had to leave.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we took a nice walk before leaving.  

We definitely look forward to another visit as there were several exhibits we didn’t have time to see.  Next time we will definitely set aside more time since it just wasn’t in the books for us that time.  The Field Museum has so much to offer and you will discover something new with every visit!  It is such an educational place for all ages.  


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