Find Gluten-free brands for less at Walmart

You can now find affordable gluten-free products at Walmart!   This past weekend, many Walmart Stores across the nation hosted a Gluten Free Event to feature gluten-free brands they carry.  Brands included some that you may be familiar with, like Quaker, Nature’s Path Organic, and Clif Bar, but also a few you may not have tried before like Glutino, Udi’s, and Van’s. The event at my store featured Glutino cookies, which I was so excited to find!  My husband, children, and I have no medical need to maintain a gluten-free lifestyle, however my mother-in-law does.  She lives over 3 hours away and often has a hard time finding foods to eat at our big family holiday dinners when visiting.  She typically shops at her local stores and does not have many of the same chain stores we have here, so she doesn’t know where to quickly find gluten-free items here.  But…awesome news for her and anyone with celiac disease, Walmart is just about everywhere and they have a bunch of new gluten-free products hitting the shelves!  That makes it much easier for her, as well as our family, to accommodate her dietary needs. The event hostess had informative flyers to pass out, along with samples of gluten-free snacks.  She was full of information on what gluten-free products the store carried and where to find them.  I had noticed a few before when shopping, but had no idea how many have actually been added to the store.  And to my surprise…the samples tasted pretty great!   You can now find affordable gluten-free products at Walmart!   After leaving the event, I purchased Glutino’s chocolate chip cookies.  While it is still a few months away, I am in the early stages of planning my son’s 4th birthday party.  My mother-in-law will be there so I plan to surprise her with an awesome gluten-free treat.  I can’t wait to put it together!  Stay tuned for the recipe in the next few weeks. Until then… here’s a couple coupons for you to try some of the products yourself!  Please remember the selection may vary by store. $1 off any Glutino Product $1 off any Udi’s Product


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LifeProof: Unbeatable Protection for your iPhone 6

Pink + protective.. LOVE IT!  (LifeProof case for iPhone 6 review)


Need a case that provides all around protection, without making the phone too large to fit in a pocket?  Ever accidentally drop your phone in the dog’s water bowl? (OK, so that was me… twice..).

Then you need LifeProof!  LifeProof cases provide total protection, including a built in screen protector, without limiting function or adding huge bulk.  I’ll start with some info to get you familiar with LifeProof’s features, then give my two cents on why it’s a great product that I’ve used on multiple generations of phones.


Features as listed on LifeProof’s website:

  • Built-in scratch protector for total touchscreen defense
  • Works with the iPhone 6’s Touch ID
  • Complete access to all buttons, ports and controls
  • Anti-reflective optical-glass camera lens
  • Maximum sound output and clarity
  • Clear window showcases the iconic Apple logo
  • Slim, sleek profile follows iPhone’s precision lines


The LifeProof fre for iPhone 6 is currently available in 6 colors:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • White/Gray
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple


Waterproof, snow proof, drop proof..this case has it all!   (LifeProof case for iPhone 6 review)


LifeProof’s slogan is “One Case – Four Proofs.”  Even though I tested an older model of LifeProof case a couple years ago, I am impressed once again with the fre for iPhone 6.  Not only does the case stand up to everyday drops, but it is dirt proof, waterproof, and snow proof.  That means the cases are designed to protect your phone all year round, no matter the weather.

While I do not have resources to test the case in 6.6 ft deep water for 2 hours, my toddlers happily assisted in testing it in the bathtub.  LifeProof did not let me down among clumsy, slippery fingers and soapy water.  My phone remained dry and protected despite being used as a submarine.  Previous versions of the case have held up for us at pool parties and even snorkeling while living in Hawaii!

My purse is like an abyss full of sippy cups, animal cracker crumbs, and toys.  Sometimes I’m even afraid to reach my hand in there (just joking…kind of…) but with my fre case on, I just drop my phone in and go on my way with no worries.  I can also rest assured as my 2 year old keeps entertained with a game on my phone as we shop.


Waterproof, snow proof, drop proof..this case has it all!   (LifeProof case for iPhone 6 review)


LifeProof designed this case to be slim and sleek.  It slides into your pocket easily and does not add bulk to your phone.  The only (slightly) negative tidbit I’d like to share is on the lighter colored cases, like the pink, the rubber around the front may darken from the dye in jean pockets.  This is consistent with other brands using similar materials on the cases, however I will be keeping in this mind in the future as I choose case colors.

Overall, I am impressed with LifeProof once again.  At CES 2015 they announced the fre Power, a battery pack case which I am extremely excited about!


iPhone + Pink + waterproof.. LOVE IT!  (LifeProof case for iPhone 6 review)

Splash Math: fun math apps for kids!


I recently came across the Splash Math iPad apps and my son has been having so much fun with them!  Check out our reviews below and make sure to download the free apps (with in-app purchases available to upgrade.)  They’ll be great for keeping your kid’s minds sharp (and busy) over Christmas break!!!


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