10 cute floral face masks you need for 2020

Even the duchess of Cambridge would approve of these cute floral masks!


Have seen Kate Middleton’s absolutely adorable cloth floral face mask?  The gorgeous duchess of Cambridge led by example by wearing a petite ditsy floral print from London brand Amaia. 

Check out the list below of 10 cute floral masks you need for 2020 to find your own mask that suits your floral style!  Kate’s mask from Amaia was $20 and is likely still sold out, but I have included some even more affordable options for those without a royal budget.  

Please refer to CDC face mask guidelines for information on how non-medical masks can reduce your likelihood to contract certain viruses, but their effectiveness varies. Keep in mind some masks may sell out due to demand. 


Gap:  Available in 3 packs, and family 8-packs, Gap has a variety of patterns to keep you interested.  I personally like the floral multi mix mask 3-pack!  



Vera Bradley: Who doesn’t love a fun Vera Bradley pattern? The brand has released several gorgeous cotton masks with replaceable filters.  I love that they offer both pleated and fitted (Olson) style masks.  



Hedley & Bennet: Collaborating with Rifle Paper Co, HB has limited edition masks available that supports Baby2Baby’s Covid-19 Relief Efforts.  The Rosa Navy mask with navy strap is beautiful and you can even purchase a matching apron!  



Urban Outfitters:  A portion of proceeds from UO mask orders will support the American Nurses Foundation’s Coronavirus Response Fund for Nurses.  This Blue Floral mask is so cute!  



Maurices: I personally love the Maurices masks, and my 9 year old son even took a red gingham patterned one from the set I purchased.  They are a breathable 100% cotton fabric with coverage for the chin and bendable nose piece.  I did not find myself needing the toggles on the ear pieces, but they have come in handy with use of other masks.  The burgundy combo floral face mask set are so pretty!  



Old Navy:  Old Navy has a few packs that have some adorable ditsy flower patterns.  Here is a 10-pack of masks that has some that I absolutely love!  At $25.00, they are just $2.50 per reusable mask, and you will have something to match every outfit.  You can also purchase a 5 pack of Old Navy Masks for just $12.50!  



Dress Barn:  While many store locations closed last year, you can still find some of your favorite products, including their new face masks online.  This floral pastel ditsy fashion face mask is so cute! 


Banana Republic – Available in 3-packs (of the same pattern), you can find a couple of cute floral masks from Banana Republic – a navy and pink floral, and a light blue and white floral.  I could really go for that cheetah print too!  


Johnny Was – For every pack sold, a pack will be donated to essential workers.  Johnny Was has a 5 packs of their signature prints (florals) but the catch is, the prints vary.  I think it’s a great cause to take a chance on.  It also looks like they offer free ground shipping!  


Pura Vida x Vera Bradley – Pura Vida and Vera Bradley have teamed up for a limited edition beachy floral mask.  Pura Vida also donates to Direct Relief with every purchase.  



In addition to the masks above, I highly recommend checking out the selection available on Etsy.  I would love to link to some but I am afraid they may sell out before you get a chance to see them.  For the most up to date results, visit Etsy and search “floral face mask” and you should find plenty to choose from!  

Understanding dangers of mold in the home


Understanding the dangers of mold in the home


Keeping my family healthy is top priority, and we learned that our son is extremely allergic to certain molds that release dangerous mycotoxins into the air so we have been taking extra steps to make sure our house is safe. 

Mold can go hidden under flooring, behind paneling, or even in the foods we eat.  Those who are severely affected may need to avoid cheese, mushrooms, certain breads, jellies, and more.  They may also need to avoid certain areas outdoor if sensitive.  And ensuring your home is free of mold is also very important.  You make think it is safe, but take these steps, just in case:


Places to look for mold in your home:

  • Bathrooms – behind fixtures, along the floor, in the shower
  • Behind furniture, especially if you live in a moist environment – in the state of Washington, my parents found mold growing behind our couch when I was a child and learned it was the culprit to my asthma
  • In your kitchen – mold can grow fast in the sink as dishes pile up, behind the fridge if there is moisture
  • Basement – especially walls that have ground outside
  • You may not have a visible leak in your basement, but could have walls full of mold.  Pull back trim near the bottom of the wall.  Look for any bubbling in paint or warping in wood.


How to remove the mold:

  • Remove all evidences of mold – wood, drywall, flooring
  • Remove and replace air filters
  • Fog the area – my husband is using a Concrobium fogger in our own home
  • Invest in a dehumidifier unless the mold was purely from a leak that no longer exists
  • If you don’t feel comfortable tackling the mold yourself, hire a mold remediation or removal company.  While the cost may be steeper, they know everything to look for and have the tools to take care of it.


It is an expensive job to remove mold, but I have learned how severely it can impact one’s health.  Headaches, belly pains, or strange skin reactions can occur.  You may have no idea what is causing the problem and suffer for years before you realize.  So take a look now to prevent yourself from having issues later on.  


Sources on mold allergies, removal, and more:

CDC – Mold Information and Tips

Mayo Clinic – Mold Allergy Symptoms and Causes

CDC – Mold Cleanup and Removal

Dangers of Mold in the Home

Face mask options for kids


Face Mask Options for Kids


Back to school shopping is going to look a little different this year, whether your child is returning to the classroom or you are making the choice between homeschool and distance learning.  Here are a few of the top kid’s masks I have found: 

These are all non-medical masks and I am not providing any medical advice.  Please view the CDC mask guidelines


Crayola School Mask Pack – $29.99

Crayola has a variety of colors and designs in 5-packs designed perfectly for kids who will be going back to school or attending daily events.  Masks come color coded so you can create a chart at home to keep track.  Each pack also comes with a mesh laundry bag to keep your masks safe while washing them.  These masks have adjustable ear straps. 


Target Cat & Jack 2 Pk Face Masks – $4

Target has a variety of cute 2 pack masks for kids.  These are just $4 per 2 pack, making them among the most affordable!  I am seeing camo/green combos, tie dye, unicorns and stars, and even a sporty pattern.  


Old Navy 5-pk Variety – $12.50

Old Navy / Gap have some super cute pleated masks for kids.  These are triple layer and 100% cotton with elastic ear straps.  As there are several varieties, you are sure to find something to match every outfit.  


Disney 4-Pk Varieties – $19.99

These Disney masks are absolutely adorable.  There are princesses, super heroes, Winnie the Pooh, and more! 


Athleta 5-Pk Masks – $30

Primarily marked to girls and women, Athleta’s 5 packs of masks come in a range of nice neutral colors.  These are some of the few kid’s masks I’ve come across that have a nose wire.  Athleta also makes the 3-pk Made to Move Mask which boasts being soft and breathable for light athletic activities.  Both styles come with a removable head strap to remove tension from the ears.  


Pottery Barn Kids 2-Pk Face Masks – $19.50

Mask your toddler or young child up in style with Pottery Barn Kids’ adorable masks.  Plus for the time being, 30% of the retail price goes towards No Kid Hungry® – a national campaign working to end childhood hunger.  


Fanatics.com 3-Pk Sports Masks – $24.99

For those of you with kids who can’t get enough of their favorite sports team, Fanatics.com has a ton of officially licensed choices!  You can even find matching t-shirt / mask combos to make a fun back-to-school gift.  


DIY Ideas and Extras: 


DIY Tie Dye Fun!  

Pick up some plain white masks to tie dye!  


Add some flair! 

Have a Cricut? Have fun with decals!  If you don’t have a Cricut, you can find some cute iron ons at most stores, Amazon, or Etsy.  Maybe add some rhinestones or sequins while you are at it.  Just make sure that your mask is still easy to wash and sanitize!  


Sew your own mask (two styles):

Pleated Style (pattern by The Stitching Scientist)

Olson Style (pattern by Craft Passion)

I pulled my dusty sewing machine out and made some of my own masks and am so proud of myself.  I hadn’t used the sewing machine in about 11 years, and even then, I was basically a beginner.  I tackled first the Olson pattern, and then the pleated pattern.  I have played around with different fabric, ranging from yards at the craft store, to pillowcases and old tank tops.  I recommend staying away from stretchier fabrics at first, as they are harder to sew, but I am going to tackle some quick-dry fabric soon and see how that goes!   I recommend starting with some non-stretchy cotton first.  An old pillow case or sheet would be a great way to test your pattern!  Once you get your pattern down, you can modify as needed.  

Here are some of my personal pros and cons of the two styles:

Pleated Pros:  quicker to mass produce, no seam across the middle of the fabric

Pleated Cons: can be a little hard to add adjustable straps to, and can bind up the sewing machine if the fabric gets too thick over the pleats.  

Olson Pros: easy to add any sort of strap, may be more fitted to your liking, never too many layers to sew through

Olson Cons: seam in the middle of the fabric, takes longer to cut and sew



Face Mask Options For Kids

Making the decision: homeschool or distance learning

Chooseing homeschool or distance learning


This year, you are likely making the choice between jumping into homeschooling, distance learning through your school district, or maybe even a hybrid of distance and classroom learning.  Only you can make the decision on which of these options is best for you and your children, and here are some things to consider:


The options in your school district

My local school district is offering the option for either 100% distance learning or the normal 5-days-a-week classroom learning for elementary students.  Older students are given the option of 100% distance learning, or a hybrid of distance and classroom learning where they alternate days.  Other school districts may have different options available.  Take a look at what options your school district is offering for the 2020-2021 year as your starting point.  


Your state’s homeschool laws

For those who haven’t already learned the ins and outs of homeschooling in your state, I highly suggest reading about the homeschool state laws  on HSLDA.  Every state has different laws, some being very lax, and some states being much more regulated.  Ensure that homeschooling is an option for you before making your decision.  You may need to notify your school district if you choose to go the homeschool route, to avoid visits from truancy officers.  

Depending upon your state’s laws, there are many acredited homeschool programs available online to assist you with curriculum, or you can take the approach and plan out everything yourself.  My family personally enjoys using Accelus’ Power Homeschool, but there are many others out there.  

Understand there are different homeschool methods as well.  Some may work better for your family and comply with your state’s laws than others.  You may also find local homeschool support groups for specific homeschool methods that can help guide you.  School districts and faculty do not always understand the ins and outs of the homeschool laws so please educate yourself on your rights.  


Your availability

As a parent, both homeschooling and distance learning can be taxing.  If you are working from home, you will want to consider your availability.  Homeschooling may take more time to prepare, but will have more flexibility as far as the timing.  Distance learning will likely have scheduled meetings with the teacher and classmates, but will have lessons already prepared for your child.  Your child may need you for tech set up, and other questions when the teacher isn’t available.  


If you choose to homeschool, stay tuned for more homeschool resources!  


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