DIY Ribbon flyers: Outdoor fun for boys and girls!

**Please keep an eye on small children while they play with these and consider cutting the ribbon shorter for toddlers as they could accidentally strangle themselves**


Whether a 5 minute afternoon craft or fun DIY party favor, kids will love running around the yard with these easy to make ribbon flyers!


Alex and Evan have spent hours playing outside every day since spring weather came to Illinois.  As much as we all love it, sometimes they grow bored.  So I went to my favorite place to browse for ideas to keep them entertained and active: Pinterest of course!  I came across the idea of ribbon wands a few months ago but never got around to making them.  Honestly, I’m pretty sure one of my kids would knock the other out if they had a wand :)  So I looked around Walmart for other ideas; something a little safer and easy to attach the ribbon to.  Then it came to me – shower curtain rings!  You know, the round kind that snap together…and are only a dollar at Walmart for a 12 pack!  These rings are small enough to put on a toddlers wrist or simply hold while running around the yard with ribbon flying behind them.

So are you ready for these simple supplies and easy 5 minute (or less) instructions? 


Whether a 5 minute afternoon craft or fun DIY party favor, kids will love running around the yard with these easy to make ribbon flyers!


Supplies needed:

Shower Curtain Rings ($0.98 at Walmart for 12 pack)
Ribbon ($0.47 spools at Walmart)
Total cost of my ribbon flyer project: $2 with leftover supplies to make more! 



Cut 6 strands of ribbon to 45″
Tie all strands at once around the shower curtain ring
Sit back and watch your child have fun!


Whether a 5 minute afternoon craft or fun DIY party favor, kids will love running around the yard with these easy to make ribbon flyers!

I picked out $0.47 spools of thin green and blue since they are Alex and Evan’s favorite colors.  Rainbow shades or other color themes could be a lot of fun too!  With the new Avengers movie coming out, red and yellow would be a hit for those who love Iron Man (like Alex) or Green for Hulk (Evan)!  Get creative!

Since it’s a bad habit of mine, I started off eyeing the length and cutting without measuring my ribbon.  It turned out each strand was 45″ long.  I cut 6 strands per ring and tied tied them into a knot, resulting in 12 dangling strands, however you can add as many as you please.  I have plenty of ribbon left and will make one more for each of the boys so they can pretend to be birds flying around the yard.  They’re going to love it!


Ribbon flyers would make an awesome DIY birthday party favor!  Purchase a variety of ribbon colors, enough rings for 1-2 per child, and let each child pick their colors.  Kids may need help tying the ribbons on the string but it only takes a moment and then they’ll be off running around, having a blast!


Whether a 5 minute afternoon craft or fun DIY party favor, kids will love running around the yard with these easy to make ribbon flyers!

Free Printable: Earth Day Word Practice

Simple Earth Day related words for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice spelling and writing - perfect for teachers and homeschooling parents!  (free to print!)


Today my oldest (almost 4 now, can you believe it?!) came up to me and announced that the trees are finally growing leaves.  I’m not sure how I hadn’t noticed yet, but just a week ago the trees were still bare!  I also didn’t realize that Earth Day was April 22nd…that’s tomorrow!  So for all the last minute homeschooling parents or preschool and kindergarten teachers who are looking for a quick Earth Day printable, I’ve created this just for us.  Go ahead and bookmark this page or save it on Pinterest for next year too!

This printing practice sheet is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners who are learning how to write letters and spell basic words.  For others like this, head on over to our printables page!


Words included:



Click here to print the Earth Day Printing Practice Activity (for free!)


You may print as many times as you need!  Teachers are more than welcome to use this printable as well.  Blogs and websites who want to feature this printable may link back to this post, rather than directly to the Google Document.  

Love With Food: the subscription box that fights hunger!


Try all natural and organic snacks from Love With Food while donating meals to food banks!


Nearly 4 years ago everything was normal.  Then my husband survived not only a very painful, serious infection, but also a heart attack at the age of 26.  Right as everything has finally gotten back on track recently and Daniel has been following the proper diet for his prescriptions and genetic cholesterol condition, we have discovered that there was a good chance he has a gluten allergy.  For both of us, that has added even more difficulty to our grocery shopping, especially for snacks.  Fortunately I came across Love with Food, who has very affordable subscription snack boxes, including a Gluten Free Box!

Each boxes contains healthy natural and organic foods.  You don’t have to worry you’ll receive snacks you already have in the pantry because each box is curated with unique hard-to-find snacks.  While the “regular” boxes are as low as $10, the Gluten Free box is still as low as $24.50/month with free shipping.  Inside you’ll find 8-12 snacks which was absolutely perfect for my husband as we are still new to the gluten-free world and don’t have many snacks on hand yet.




Our box included several products Daniel was able to enjoy despite being on a low fat and gluten-free diet.  We agreed that our favorite product in the box was the Bops Sea Salt potato chips – they were so crispy and I couldn’t help but sneak a few when he wasn’t looking.  I also found several coupons for the brands included in the box and even a $10 gift card – what an awesome and very unexpected surprise!

You will earn points with each box purchase that you can use to purchase full size products in the online shop.  This was very helpful because we’ve had a hard time finding specialty brands in some of our local stores, let alone hard-to-find brands…plus we get to save money by using our points!




And if Love With Food doesn’t stand out enough yet, this will definitely help:

With every Love With Food box you purchase, you will help donate 1-2 meals to hungry children in America.

It really doesn’t get much better than that :)

But wait..Love With Food is full of surprises!  They have given me a special link for you to get 50% off your first box.  That’s a pretty spectacular deal for one of the best subscription snack boxes I’ve had the privilege to try!


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