Halloween Tic Tac Toe (free printable!)

Use two varieties of candy corn and have fun playing on this free printable Halloween Tic Tac Toe!


Our newest Halloween printable is this fun tic tac toe game!  My favorite way to play is with two types of Halloween candy.  I picked up some classic candy corn and candy corn pumpkins for just 79 cents each at the store a few days ago and they’re perfect size…plus you can eat the candy when you are done playing tic tac toe!

Head here to print this Halloween Tic Tac Toe sheet


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Protect your tablet with KABOO handbags (and they’re gorgeous!)

This gorgeous purse has a protective tablet pouch and is made of vegan leather!


You just got home after a long day at work and pull out the iPad when you notice a big scratch across the screen. Turns out, your keys scratched the screen while they were in your purse.  What if you could have prevented that scratch?  Or prevented that time the iPad slipped out of your hands when walking to the library and crashed down on the concrete sidewalk?

Kaboo has created gorgeous handbags with a protective tech pouch and believe me, you won’t have to worry about a scratched screen or dropped iPad again when on-the-go.


But what sets this bag apart from other tablet bags?


They are beautiful, well made handbags.  As soon as I saw the Jenna Watermelon, I was smitten.  The outer is vegan leather in a lovely shade of pinkish red.  The interior is an aqua and gray chevron pattern, making my favorite tri-color combination all on one handbag!  The hardware is sort of a bronze color and nicely compliments the bag without being too flashy.  

Check out the upcoming Spring 2015 bags on Kickstarter too – the new styles are beautiful but the campaign ends November 1, 2014 so hurry!


It is the perfect size.  The tech pouch standard size tablets, generally even with a case on them.  The tech pouch is 8.5 x 11 x .5-.75 inches and the handbag itself is 13 x 12.625 x 3.625.  I love the size of my  bag!  It doesn’t feel huge and overwhelming, but it is big enough to fit the essentials.




They are functional and versatile. 

I carry in mine:

Your Kaboo handbag could even double as a diaper bag - space for your necessities and best of all, space to keep your tablet protected for when you need it later for the kids, or maybe for you.  Plus the two pockets on the side for a drink for you and a drink for the little one!


The pouch is very protective.  The patent-pending tech pouch is reinforced with an impact resistant core inside two layers of foam.  There is space between the pouch and the bottom of the bag, along with padding on the bottom to ensure that your tablet is safe if you were to drop your bag.  Take a look at the drop test video to see the bag in action.


KABOO's tech pouch protects your tablet and is so easy to access


Your tablet is easily accessible.  With a magnetic closure, the tech pouch is easy to access, removing any laziness you may feel towards putting your tablet away.  Back in college, I remember it being a nuisance to squeeze my laptop into my padded laptop backpack (which was huge and definitely styled towards guys) so occasionally I would just carry my laptop between classes.  That isn’t a good idea amidst the hustle and bustle of college students rushing through the hallway to classes.


I’m very happy with my Jenna Watermelon tablet bag and it will definitely be used a lot this Fall and Winter as I upgrade from the tiny cross body handbag that I used through summer.  I have my eye on the matching wallet too ;)  Ooh I forgot to mention those didn’t I?  They compliment the bags nicely and have a wrist strap.  With space inside to fit most phones (again, please see dimensions to ensure your phone will fit if you have a larger phone), you could use the wallet as a quick grab-and-go wristlet.

Remember to stop over and check out the Kickstarter page to see the upcoming styles and campaign information!  If you are planning to purchase a tablet for your wife, daughter, sister, or whomever else for Christmas, a Kaboo handbag would be a perfect surprise for them this Spring!


Connect with KABOO Handbags

Website  |  Kickstarter Campaign


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Printing Practice for Preschoolers: Colors

Free Printable: Printing Practice for Preschoolers (Color Names)


Was your toddler excited when they started learning the names of colors?  Mine sure was!  We make it a game every day when I prepare our breakfast and I let Alex choose which color of dish he will use.  Most times he chooses green or orange, but occasionally he surprises me with a different color!

Recently Alex started getting excited about our Spot It! games (for ages 3 and up).  Pointing out the colors, shapes, numbers, and letters on the cards, he was able to tell me what each was, as well as pick out the two that were the same. The next step for Alex is learning how to spell and write out the color names!

I have created this free printable as a fun way for you to work with your child on writing the color names. Handwriting will become clearer as your child traces the letters, and over time, they will even learn to recognize the words!

If you would like to challenge your child further, print this in black and white to remove the color from the words.


Words included on Printing Practice: Colors: 


Simply go here to print this free Printing Practice sheet

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