Are all those extras necessary on a high chair?



Being broke, young and having our first child, we bought whatever baby products we could actually afford while I was pregnant.  We shopped at thrift stores, yard sales and got stuff as low of cost as we could find.  One fairly necessary thing to get is a high chair.  We could not afford to spend $50-100 on a high chair so we checked yard sales.  My husband picked one up for $5.00.  All it consisted of was a basic plastic frame with a tray.  No seat padding or other feature you typically see on high chairs now.  

We worried my son would be uncomfortable but he was happy and even fell asleep in it a few times.  After our finances turned around some and my son was a little over a year old, we decided to do the Babies R Us trade-in for 25% off of a new high chair.  We were actually little sad to see our son’s first high chair go away.  He celebrated his first birthday in it… we even used it to teach him how to color because crayon was very easy to wipe off of the tray!  We bought a nice new Chicco high chair that folds up, has super cushy padding, straps, an extra removable tray to go on top of the main tray so cleanup is easier and a removable footrest. 

A week or two later, my husband and I thought to ourselves “what did we do?” and felt as though we had gotten rid of a piece of our son’s childhood.  We did not need all of these extra features… heck, we end up leaving the high chair up most of the time so we didn’t even take advantage of the foldability!  Our son did not seem more comfortable – he actually seemed a bit more awkward because of the height of the tray.  We don’t use the extra tray because my son gets fidgety and pries it off.  The only benefit of the new high chair – the strap.  Our son learned how to stand himself up in his old high chair but even that did not require this new high chair – my husband said there was a way to install a strap if we needed.  So this high chair may be a little “prettier” and have more features, but in the end, I honestly miss that old $5 plastic frame high chair.  


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