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Get Creative: Follow Your Art #sponsored

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As a homeschool mom, I strive to help my children stay creative all year round.  One of their favorite things is a wardrobe full of dress up clothes.  They have everything from superhero costumes to fireman hats.  Their imaginations can run wild all day long. 

I also encourage them to pick out their own outfits each morning.  This gives them the chance to be who they want to be that day.  My 7 year old sometimes pairs khakis with his tan zoo shirt, and throws on an explorer vest on top.  Sometimes he throws on his tie dye shirt and asks for gel in his mohawk and calls himself a rock star.  It is so important at this age to let them have freedom and develop a sense of style and personality.  Plus, we can’t always pull off that amazing mohawk when we’re older so let them enjoy it while they can ;) 

Gymboree has hundreds of new styles coming out for spring and I can’t wait to take my boys to check them out!  Gymboree has something for everyone from newborn to about 12.  Get a start on your spring shopping with $14 Dresses, $10 Denim, and $6 Tops, Shorts, Leggings at Gymboree!

5 Ways to Combat the Harsh, Dry Winter Air


This winter has seemed like one of the driest I have been through.  Maybe I am just getting older and my hair and skin aren’t what they used to be.  I have taken some steps to combat this harsh dry air and would love to share them with you! 

  1. Use a humidifier.  There are multiple types of humidifiers. Think about the area you spend the most time in at home or work.  Is it a small enclosed space or a big open area?  
    1. whole house – whole house humidifiers are a bit more costly and can help add humidity to the entire house. 
    2. room – room sized humidifiers are great for a bedroom or office.
    3. personal – have you seen these cute little personal humidifiers?  They are perfect to keep at your desk or just carry around with you for a little extra moisture in the air! 
  2. Stay hydrated.  This is one of the most important!  If your skin and hair are dry, chances are the rest of your body is too.  Keep hydrated and drink a little extra during those dry winter months. 
  3. Take shorter, cooler showers.  Hot water will pull natural protective oils from your skin and dry it out much more quickly than cool water.  The longer you are exposed to the water, the more those natural oils will wash away. 
  4. Use moisturizing products.  This seems to be common sense, but I can’t tell you how often I forget to moisturize.  Pick natural moisturizers that soak up well into your skin and use them as necessary. 
  5. Eat healthy, nutritious foods
    1. nutrients will help your skin stay healthy
    2. water in fruits will help hydrate your body


How to “survive” as a stay at home mom

How to "survive" as a stay at home mom


Being a stay at home mom is no joke.  It’s like customer service with the crankiest, messiest, non communicative customers at times.  But the good days are absolutely amazing and give you a feeling of love, success, and accomplishment that you couldn’t get anywhere else.  It can take a lot of work, especially on those rough days, so here are a few of my tips on how to “survive” being a stay at home mom:


Find time for you in each day even if it is a 10 minute shower with no disruptions.  Turn on some music, use your favorite scented soap, and enjoy the time alone.

Prepare outfits for the week this will save you time every day.  Just get it all done at once and you’ll have one less thing to do each morning!

Fix meals that can be reheated throughout the week.  Portion out what you can for quick-grab snacks.

Pick your battles …really!  I often find myself saying no about things that don’t really matter, making myself become even more stressed.  I’ve found that letting go of the minor things can really make a difference.

Schedule your week on Saturday or Sunday with activities and places to go during the week.  Getting out is great for everyone and will help everyone’s moods.  Just make sure you prepare everything ahead of time to make it easier on you – snacks, entertainment for the car ride or restaurant, etc.  Many libraries have reading times and activities for toddlers in the mornings, perhaps you could go to the zoo, or just hang out at a park.  If it’s on the calendar and pre-planned, you are more likely to stick to it.

Create a daily schedule.  It can be flexible or set, but a schedule of your basic daily activities will help reduce the chaos as the kids get used to it.  A sample of things to include: breakfast, brushing teeth, getting dressed, craft time, math practice, tv time, snack, nap, etc.

Meet other stay at home moms.  Not only is it great to set up play dates and have someone to talk to, but you can arrange to watch each others kids alternating weeks to allow each other free time for a date night, quiet time at home, or whatever is needed.  You can meet through online groups, local gatherings, church, parks, or simply through your school.


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