Styluses for kids and moms from Lunatik

Styluses for kids and moms


My toddler’s brain is amazing!  He retains almost everything, even when we least expect it!  My husband and I decided to invest in an iPad Mini to introduce Alex to educational apps that he would really enjoy, while maximizing his learning potential.  I have to say, it was a great choice we made!  We have been able to download apps from his favorite tv show, Bubble Guppies, as well as several other games that have educational value.  A few weeks ago, I came across Lunatik.  At first, all I noticed was the extremely protective phone cases.  Then I spotted the Chubby Stylus and Touch Pens.  As soon as I spotted them, I realized they were the perfect learning tools that I just had to have.  


Chubby Stylus for iPad and iPhone - perfect for little fingers!


The Chubby Stylus is perfect for any age, but especially those that are still developing writing skills.  At 2 1/2, Alex has learned his alphabet and his favorite game is Endless Alphabet.  In this game, a word is presented with letters scrambled around the screen.  It is very similar to the Melissa & Doug alphabet puzzles.  As the child drags the letters around the screen, they pop into place when dragged onto the correct spot in the word.  Alex has played this game for months and has it down so I thought I’d add a challenge by giving him the Chubby Stylus.

The stylus is split into two colors – a bright color top half and a black silicone rubber tip.  To use the stylus, you need to maintain contact with the black area.  The black rubber is capacitive, meaning it transfers the electronic charge from your finger tips to the screen.  At first it was a challenge for my toddler to keep contact with the black area as he has a tendency to hold writing utensils at the top.  After becoming frustrated with it several times, he eventually started listening when I reminded him (silly, independent toddlers!)  Now, a week later, Alex is a pro at using the Chubby Stylus.  He still grips it high, but readjusts his hand as soon as he notices it is not making a connection.  I also want to note that although we are using a Gumdrop case, which comes with a sheet of plastic over the screen, the stylus works the same as if the screen was bare!  


Touch Pen (stylus) for iPad and iPhone


I prefer the Touch Pen for myself.  Not only does it have a black silicon rubber tip like the Chubby Stylus, but it also has a gel ink tip inside.  Just click the top and you can write on paper!  While I do let Alex use the Touch Pen, I always supervise as I never know what he will decide to draw on.  One thing that I would like better for the pen would be a smaller tip.  It is larger around to incorporate the ink pen inside but it makes me feel a little awkward as I use it.  The results when using the stylus and pen are the same and while I have not yet mastered the art of stylus writing, I was able to navigate my iPad pretty well!  If shopping for a Touch Pen, you will notice that Lunatik has two styles – Silver Alloy and Polymer (plastic).  The Silver Alloy is perfect for those maintaining a professional look.  

The Chubby Stylus and Touch Pen are durable and I expect them to last as long as we need them.  Both styles have already gotten a lot of use in our home and I definitely recommend them!  I am already looking for new apps to try them with for both my son and myself.  Any suggestions?  


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  1. I’ve never seen a chubby stylus before. I’m used to the small one on my Galaxy Note 2, but I do have an iPad and one of those would be perfect for it.

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