“Big Kid” beds with your toddler’s favorite characters!


Surprise your toddler with a toddler bed featuring their favorite character!


It hasn’t been that long since both of my little boys switched from cribs to toddler beds.  It was a transition they were both happy to make, even if the younger one would just get out of bed and sleep on the floor by the door!  At first, my husband made a custom conversion kit to change their cribs into beds.  This worked well, but they were both SO excited when we got brand new ‘big boy beds’ featuring some of their favorite characters!

Delta Children is a brand we knew of and felt we could trust, and with a large variety of children’s furniture we knew we’d find something perfect.  Enter the Mickey Mouse 3D Footboard Toddler Bed!  We received the Mickey Mouse bed and found it very simple to put together.  The whole process took my husband about fifteen minutes, with the majority being time to carefully place the stickers.  Some models, perhaps older ones, use the metal tubes as slats to support the mattress.  This bed uses a taut fabric support connected to the outer frame, making the bed lighter and easier to assemble, which made a big difference!  This also prevents little arms, legs, and heads from getting stuck between the slats when curious kids crawl under beds or move the mattress (this is coming from experience).


This toddler bed was easy to assemble and gave me confidence that it is sturdy and safe for my son


Once complete, the bed is sturdy and includes integrated safety rails, a Mickey Mouse themed headboard, and a footboard of Mickey’s face, complete with a large plastic nose to add depth!  (NOTE: Be very careful when applying the stickers.  If you can keep part of the backing on the sticker, do!  Large stickers are difficult to line up, very sticky, and if you get a significant crease in it, it will never be completely flat.)  My one suggestion to Delta Children would be to have the stickers pre-applied, for the sake of parents.  But both our boys loved the Mickey Mouse bed.  In fact, we got the bed for Evan, and the first thing his older brother Alex did was swap their blankets and stuffed animals, trying to claim the bed as his own!

The bed is so enjoyable for the kids and so sturdy (holds up well to jumping!) that we have bought a second bed, the Delta Children Spiderman Toddler Bed, for Alex.  He loves it and insisted on a Spiderman blanket and sheet set to match!  Both boys feel like big kids now, and are much happier with the bright colors and characters as opposed to the dull wooden bed frames they had before.  Head over to Delta Children to see their full selection of baby and toddler furniture, gear, and decorations featuring all your children’s favorite characters!


Accessorize your child's room with their favorite character!


Disclosure:  We were provided a complimentary sample in return for an honest review.  

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