Boken Every Day (Convertible) Diaper Bag

This diaper bag can be a backpack or shoulderbag - perfect for both parents!


The Boken Every Day Diaper Bag is one bag you won’t mind carrying around.  Many diaper bags are designed for the baby.  That’s great, because of course, it’s made for babies.  But the baby doesn’t often look at the bag, and definitely isn’t going to be the one carrying it around!  So why not design the bags for mommy and daddy?  In comes Boken, with the stylish, compact, convertible Every Day Diaper Bag.  The name says it all – this bag is made for every day use, and I’ve found that it works nicely even as a bag for day trips with toddlers!

The first thing you see about the bag, the packaging is very nicely done.  After removing the card stock wrapped around the bag, I found a small 8×10 or so satchel with a handle and zipper.  Open the zipper and the first thing that comes out is a matching and rather nice looking changing pad.  It’s a far cry from the black and white, sticky vinyl pads included with many diaper bags I’ve purchased.  Also, while still being waterproof, it is very thin and folds up nicely.  It is twice as large as most I’ve seen, being a square instead of a long pad with just enough space for baby.  This will cover an entire changing table or lay out on the floor with space to sit clothes and wipes on it too!

When I pulled out the diaper bag, I found that the satchel it was in was actually an inner storage pouch of the diaper bag itself!  That’s crafty packaging, and keeps down waste a lot.  There aren’t the filler papers many diaper bags use to keep their form, and minimal wrapping on the outside that’s all recyclable.  Once pulled out, the Every Day Diaper Bag is about the size of a small adult back pack.  On each side there are small handles for carrying, or you can use a longer shoulder strap like many diaper bags include.  It also has the added benefit of backpack straps, which are hidden in a compartment on the back of the bag when not being used.  That same compartment is extremely roomy, and would be ideal for the changing pad and diapers, or books or even pamphlets you might get while out traveling.


This diaper bag can be a backpack or shoulderbag - perfect for both parents!


One side of the bag has a very tall and spacious elastic mesh pocket for drinks, but will fit anything you want, unlike many bags that only go halfway up a bottle or sippy cup, allowing the risk of falling out while walking around.  The other side has a roomy pocket with surprisingly strong velcro closure.  Each of these pockets are about 10-12 inches tall.  The front has two large pockets, and the main enclosure is just huge.  The pouch that held the bag when packaged is at the top of the main compartment, and an elastic mesh separator gives extra organization at the bottom of the compartment.

The only aspect of the bag I didn’t like at first is simply a requirement of the design.  To make it foldable and resistant to water and dirt, so it’s able to be wiped clean, a material was used that is pretty noisy at first.  The almost crinkly noise reduces as you use the bag and the material starts to soften.  I would also love if there were additional pockets or dividers on the inside of the bag, since most of my use will be for day trips when I might need to grab something very specific out of a large and fully packed bag.  Otherwise, this bag is nearly perfect, especially with toddlers or on trips.  And if you just want an extra bag in case you come home with more stuff than you left with, the bag folds back up into the pouch to take up minimal space until needed!  This is definitely the bag we’ll be using when we visit family or take a day trip to St. Louis or Chicago – with or without the kids!


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3 Responses to Boken Every Day (Convertible) Diaper Bag

  1. Are you still liking Boken bag? I am looking at possibly purchasing one and was curious about them because i haven’t seen many reviews.

    My oldest will be 2 and we are due w baby #2 in Sep so i’m looking for a spacious bag.

    Thank You


    • Yes! We still use the bag and I like it a lot. It’s become a bit bigger than we need for quick trips to the store now that my almost 3 year old is completely potty trained (no more need for diapers or spare clothes for him) but we still use the bag for zoo trips, day trips to grandma’s, and so forth. It was perfect over winter when we needed extra space for blankets and spare winter clothes while we were out and is definitely perfect if you have more than one baby or young children. It has held up through us over stuffing it and I love that my husband can even carry it without looking girly :)

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