Bring the magic of the railroad home to your child with affordable train sets!



Trains have been one of the biggest fascinations of little boys for centuries.  This holiday season, Fisher Price is bringing the magic of the railroad home with fun sets at affordable prices.   Two standalone sets available this year really stand out as great gifts for toddlers and young children alike.  




First is the Thomas & Friends TrackMaster Castle Quest Set.  This is a plastic TrackMaster set, and is based on a Thomas & Friends movie, “King of the Railway.”  Just like in the movie, there are obstacles that the train will have to overcome on its journey to the end of the track!  Don’t worry – the obstacles are simply “close calls,” and your child does not have to do anything but have fun.  For example, when the battery-powered train gets to a missing section of track, a piece of track swivels into place just in time!  The set includes the entire track setup, five ‘close call’ obstacles, a motorized TrackMaster Thomas the Train engine, and an attachable cargo car.  Get a copy of King of the Railway and let your little engineer save the day right along with Thomas!  You can also find Thomas ornaments to incorporate your child’s favorite character into your Christmas decorating!  




The second set is much a much simpler design, great if you don’t have much space available for a train set.  Thomas & Friends All Around Sodor features a simple figure eight, with a bridge, small station, and a small Cranky the Crane loading area.  Like the TrackMaster set, this includes a motorized Thomas the Train engine and a cargo car.  There are buttons on the roof of this Thomas, allowing your child to press Stop, Go, or a button for each of the three locations mentioned above.  Pushing one of the location buttons makes Thomas go to that spot and stop, talking to his friends at the station along the way.  His eyes and mouth even move as he is talking!  My older son noticed this and thought it was hilarious to see the train talking.  Once he learned how to make the train go and stop, it became his new obsession.  He really enjoyed discovering that the train works and moved even off the track, so he was able to use it on his play mat or at the table where his little brother couldn’t reach!  Since this set features less pieces than most train sets, it is easy to set up and put away in just a few minutes.  



Both of these sets felt quite sturdy, but both do include small pieces such as the wheels of the trains, which pose a choking hazard for small children.  They’re recommended for ages three and up.  Our older son is two and he has no interest in putting things in his mouth, but we do have to keep these sets away from our one year old, who is likely to chew a wheel off.  He does enjoy getting ahold of a piece of track to smack around or stick in his mouth though, so he still has fun while his big brother plays! 

If you have a little engineer or Thomas & Friends lover to shop for this Christmas, check out Fisher Price!  With a variety of sets, tracks, and even individual train cars at every price range, there’s something for everyone!  If you are looking to include Thomas & Friends around the house, you can find cute Christmas decor,  rain boots, even toothbrushes and toothpaste!  



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