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Make moving easier (when you have kids) – because it’s hard enough as it is!

Tips for moving when you have kids - we sure need this with our upcoming move!


Moving can be scary and an unknown territory for kids. My family is currently in the process of moving and I want to share with you some tips that have been working for us!


1) Get the kids involved.
Don’t just send them away to their room or a friend’s house as you pack. Let them help! Turn some tunes on and have some fun. The kids can decorate boxes or pack some of their things (that you will undoubtedly have to re-pack at night, but hey, the kids are keeping happy and busy so it’s a win to me!)


2) Take lots of breaks.
The kids don’t understand why you have to pack, pack, pack, instead of play, play, play. Make sure to dedicate 15 minutes of every hour to the kids, even if they are “helping.”


3) Let the kids “clean” while you pack.
This is definitely a win-win. The kids are happy and busy and they might actually save you a little time. Or maybe not, but it will help them feel needed and it will improve everyone’s attitude. Tip: Have the kids use baby wipes rather than Lysol or Clorox wipes.


4) Get out occasionally.
Everyone needs to re-set. Seeing boxes all day long is exhausting. Get out, go for a walk, go get ice cream cones, or whatever your thing is. Just make sure it’s away from the house!


5) Pick a special surprise for when the move is complete.
Make sure the kids open the surprise gift at the new house. It will serve as a reward for putting up with such a difficult transition.


6) Involve the kids in activities near the new home to give it a positive, exciting vibe.
If the kids are able to make new friends or have any positive feelings towards the new neighborhood or town, it will greatly help with their adjustment.  Join a local club or even visit the local parks to get comfortable with the new neighborhood or town.


How to make moving easier when you have kids - a definite must-pin for when that time comes!

Winning at Dinnertime with the Kids

Pirate "Dinner Winner" plate for kids - love this...makes dinner so much easier and fun!


Dinner has been one of the most despised words in my household for the past few years.  It started when my oldest was beginning to eat solid foods.  To make a long story short, he had an oral aversion sensory disorder that caused us issues with foods that we are still working past.  My youngest copied his big brother’s refusal to eat many foods, making dinner-time even harder on us.  As parents, we are concerned with making sure our children are fed and nurtured so they can be healthy and grow, but my husband and I felt like we were failing for the longest time.  We have made amazing progress the past year and my discovery of Fred & Friends has made progress even easier to attain.

Fred & Friends created one of the most genius plate designs I have come across – the Dinner Winner plates.  These plates help reduce the overwhelming feeling of the dinner plate, spacing foods out and giving order to them.  As children move through the spaces on the plate, they get a sense of accomplishment, being able to see the progress they have made.  There is a special space at the end with a cover to keep a treat hidden for dinner winners!

I received the “Supper Hero” and Pirate style Dinner Winner Plates and they couldn’t have been a better fit for my boys.  They get excited with each bite, asking me to read what they just uncovered on their plate.  Most kids, including my own, have a hard time keeping their hands off of their dessert but the cute covers keep the treats a surprise and hidden away from fidgety, curious fingers.  These plates are fun and definitely a help for fussy eaters.  I highly recommend them!

Love these plates and my kids love them too!


Another fun set of plates from Fred & Friends is the Mr. and Ms. Food Face plates.  These are so much fun!  I admit my creativity lacks but my husband is having a lot of fun with these.  The sky is the limit – create hair from spaghetti, a necklace of peas, earrings of olives…you name it!

Kids are bound keep their attention on their plate with the Dinner DJ plate.  With a spoon/fork/knife that mimics a tone arm, twistable knobs, and a record-style spinning plate, this set will keep your child entertained as they eat.  This would be a perfect gift for a music appreciative family!


Isn't these taco trucks adorable?  Maybe I can convince my kids to eat tacos now!


Fred & Friends also has fun utensils and products for specific foods, such as tacos.  Aren’t these Taco Trucks adorable?  The trucks are full of detail and are sturdy enough to last your children for years.  And check out these fun chop sticks for kids!

Make sure to take a look around the rest of Fred & Friends too – they have so many fun products that would make great gifts.  I think I know where I might be doing some of my Christmas shopping!

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