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2012 Holiday Gift Guide



Here are some of the products that I think would make great additions to your gift giving this year!  
We have taken all members of the family into consideration and found innovative and unique items and brands that are sure to please. You can be sure these gifts will be loved, not duplicated or re-gifted!


For dad

Ryobi Tools 

Seagate Backup Plus for Mac

Daddy Scrubs

iRig Products

Lifeproof Device Case


For mom

Journey Gym

Julep Gift Sets 

Bag Blaze

Nature’s Gate Hand Cream 

Cinda B

Bodyography Professional Cosmetics 

Mineral Hygienics 

Stonefire Naan Flatbreads 


For Teens/Kids 

Skylanders Giants Video Game 

Customized durable Otterbox iPhone case from the Pink Monogram

Five Fingers Tees

Hulu Kids

Closetmaid Cubeicals

Hasbro Chuck & Friends Tumblin’ Chuck vehicle


For infants/toddlers and moms-to-be

iTummy maternity band

Yoomi bottle warmer 

Zen Swaddle 


Bright Starts Jammin’ Jungle Activity Gym 



Babee Covee


For pets and pet owners

Petmate Suede terrycloth pillow bed with microban



Ever just had that ‘duh’ moment?

Today I went to pick up an order at a local place called Dublin Pub.  I am 19 weeks pregnant and a ‘chicken horseshoe’ (see what a horseshoe is here) sounded delicious so I just HAD to have one.  I had my husband call and order it while I was on my way there to pick it up.  I got there and the parking lot was pretty full – no doubt they were open.  I walked up to the single door I saw near the outdoor patio area (where several people were eating) and tried to open it… it wouldn’t open.  I walked around to the side to see if there was another door since I hadn’t been there before and normally the outdoor patio seating is on the side of restaurants.  The only door I saw was clearly the back door.  A bit embarrassed and not wanting to walk back up to the original door I had tried to make a fool of myself again, I walked to my car and called my husband to tell him I may be a few minutes longer because I was having a dumb moment… I wasn’t sure how to get inside!  

I waited a few minutes when another car finally pulled up and a couple walked up to the building.  They opened the door. It opened outwards.  I guess I hadn’t tried that in my hurry to find another door…whoops!  I successfully made my way in and picked up my food and brought it home to eat.  I still blame “pregnancy brain”…. 


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