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LuLaRoe – friend or foe?

This solid purple Irma from LuLaRoe is gorgeous!


Hey everyone!  I’ve been a little quiet lately due to a recent move.  We are finally getting settled in and back into our normal routines but it has been a rough ride!  In the past few months though, I’ve come across LuLaRoe clothing.  I had heard of the brand before and thought “I love leggings but really, what could be the big deal?”  

If you know me, you know I love shopping at thrift stores.  So it shouldn’t surprise you that my first piece of Lula was from Salvation Army of all places.  I found a pair of the popular LuLaRoe brand leggings and had to try them for myself.  A friend of mine had been raving about the brand and how amazingly soft everything was.  She was definitely right – the leggings were so soft!  And at $3, I couldn’t pass these up, even if they weren’t my favorite pattern.  I mean I love being comfy around the house anyways!  

After a few times of wearing my new leggings, I talked to my friend and found out there is more to LuLaRoe than just these “buttery” soft leggings.  They have shirts, dresses, kimonos, skirts, cardigans.. and it is all known to be comfortable yet cute.  After spending a couple weeks browsing and entering giveaways, and messaging back and forth with a consultant, I got to try a few more pieces.  

Now I’m hooked.  Yeah… at first I was ashamed but then I realized that I haven’t focused on a wardrobe for myself since before my kids were born.  I am starting to feel more confident and am building up a wardrobe for going back to work.  I feel great!  Fortunately I haven’t spent much, with my thrift store luck, but you will want to make sure your pocketbook is ready for your shopping if you start shopping through consultants.  The pieces are more expensive than I am used to (as a thrift store shopper especially) but are not too outrageous if you shop around. 

Sizing can be tricky but my favorite thing is that each piece can be worn several ways.  If a shirt is too big, it will still be totally amazing with a cute knot!  Too hot for leggings?  Roll them under to be capris!  

Life is too short to wear boring clothes - LuLaRoe

And patterns…oh there is quite a variety of prints you will find!  Some are super cute, and some aren’t for me, but there’s really something for everyone. 

As you get to know LuLaRoe, you will learn a variety of terms.  OS (one size…leggings..), TC (tall & curvy…leggings), and Unicorn (hard to find item/print, or simply one you’d love to find).  And most items are named after members of the founder’s family.  There’s even one with my name..Dani!  It’s a tank style dress… I can’t wait to try one sometime!

If you are interested but don’t have a lot of money, you can offer to host a party for a consultant, either online or in-home.  After a certain number of items sell, you can receive rewards (free items, discounts, etc) that you pre-arrange and agree to with the consultant.  

And if you aren’t interested in hosting a party, you will find thousands of LuLaRoe Facebook groups to shop and party with!  Giveaways are around every corner as well, for both new and loyal customers.  

There are a lot of “Debbie downers”, and with every multi level marketing company, there will be complaints on the consultant side, but it seems like I’ve met a lot of happy consultants. But as a shopper, I’m happy with my experience so far. 

Just remember to watch your pocket book – these items can add up quickly! 

So LuLaRoe… friend or foe?  I say friend! 


LuLaRoe is so comfy and stylish - love it!

Wireless Phone Chargers – Yes or No?

Eliminate cords with wireless chargers!  I love my Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger!


My answer is YES!  I have never liked cords. The sight behind our television used to give me major anxiety until my husband found a way to make it nice and organized…well, as much as cords can be anyways.  Now though, certain devices are becoming compatible with wireless charging, and my Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of them!  

Like most cell phone users, I’ve gone through a lot of cords.  They wear out or they get lost.  Then there are users whose charging ports stop functioning.  This is where a wireless charger comes in especially helpful.  But be sure to grab a “fast” wireless charger if your phone supports it because it will make a difference in charging speed!  

As I mentioned before, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7.  This phone supports “fast charge” through Qualcomm 2.0 technology.  What does this mean?  There is a technology that has been developed, tested, and approved for fast charging, and my phone works with it.  While searching around for wireless chargers, I found many that were cheap, but they didn’t support fast charging.  I ended up deciding to stick with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad. This product is $30-60 depending where it is purchased.   


Fast Wireless Charging - I love it!


So how does it work?  Well a cord is still involved in order to get electricity to the charger, but you can hide it out of sight and never have to see it again.  After making sure the charger is plugged in, it will flash a couple colors of light, then it will be ready to charge your phone.  Simply rest your phone on it and it will begin charging within a second or two.  You should be able to use it with or without a case.  I use a LifeProof case on my phone, which is thick, but it does not interfere with the charging.  

The obvious pros to using a wireless charger are that you can just set the phone down to charge, then pick it up at your leisure without wearing out the charging port.  It is convenient on a desk, on an end table, or even on your nightstand. 

The cons are that it is a bit slower than charging by cable.  By fast charge cable, that is.  My phone still charges faster via the fast wireless charger than a 1.0 cable, but it is still noticeably slower than the 2.0 cable.     My husband explained that some of the charge is lost through the process, making it a little slower.  With that being said, I am definitely glad I opted for the fast wireless charger than the regular one.  With high use, I was able to still lower my battery faster than it charged on the wireless charger.  I have not succeeded in doing that with the fast cable.  

Any questions?  I am pretty excited to be able to just set my phone down and not worry about plugging a cable in the right way every time I want to boost its charge.  I still keep my Nomad key chain cable with me so I can always recharge on the go when necessary, but at home, I love being “cable-free!” 

Please ensure that your wireless charger is certified to support the phone you are charging!  

Holster Brands – safe and efficient home organization!

Love this simple organization by Holster Brands!


Originally known for their Hot Iron Holster, Holster Brands has created some amazing products to help you around the home.  What is so special about these products?  They are silicone holders that cling to surfaces and have infinite uses!  

Let’s start with the Hot Iron Holster.  I can’t count how many times I have knocked my flat iron off the counter or burned myself reaching for something else nearby.  And what about lack of sink space to even set it down sometimes…especially with little kids around!  The Hot Iron Holster clings to even pedestal sinks, providing a safe space for me to set my straightener as it cools down or as I grab another section of hair.  And since we all have different hair needs, the Hot Iron Holster comes in a variety of sizes to a variety of hair tools! 


Hot Iron Holster - perfect for pedestal sinks!


Another product, the Hobby Holster is equally useful for those who use hot glue while crafting.  The holster has a perfect space for your glue gun as well as spare glue sticks.  But if even you aren’t an avid glue gun user, this product’s uses are only limited by your imagination.  I plan to keep one clung to our white board with an eraser and dry-erase markers.  Or on the side of the tub to hold the bath Crayons for the kids!  

And last but not least, the Lil Holster is so versatile!  Attach it to the side of the tub to hold razors, the side of the sink for toothbrushes, in the kitchen to hold your sponge, or even outdoors to hold grilling tools….the list just goes on!  

Holster Brands’ products seem very durable and we will be using ours for years to come! Check out Holster Brands’ Pinterest page for more ideas on how to use these holsters around the house.  The products can be found on Amazon as well as in several stores including Target and Ulta.  


Hobby Holster - crafters, this is perfect to hold your glue gun and accessories as you work!


All opinions presented as honest and those of our own.  Products or monetary value were given in order to facilitate this post.  

10 favorite products for the new year [2017]

Winter is here and I am doing everything I can to embrace it!  I am taking care of my skin, dressing warm, and keeping the kids entertained.  Here are 10 of my favorite products at the moment!



Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Facial Cleanser

Brand: Pacifica
Product: Sea Foam Complete Face Wash

I love how smooth and gentle this face wash is.  My face feels clean and hydrated.  It’s really great year round, but especially during these harsh dry winter months!

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Cuddle Duds Reversible Infinity Scarf - it's so warm and comfy!

Brand: Cuddl Duds
Products: Reversible Fleece & Jersey Infinity Scarf

This scarf is absolutely amazing – it is very soft and comfortable as well as versatile.  Most scarves make me feel itchy.  This one does not!

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - LifeProof FRE series case

Brand: LifeProof
Product:  FRE Series Case

I have been a fan of LifeProof for years.  Their products are always great quality and have protected my devices from the weather, whether it is raining or I drop my phone in the snow….they’ve even protected against baby drool and my 5 year old dropping my phone.  I highly recommend checking these cases out for your iPhones, Galaxy phones, or even tablets!

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Nomad Key Micro USB (or Lightning) Charging Cable

Brand: Nomad
Product: Portable key-shaped USB cable

I can’t count many times my Nomad Key has come in handy and I won’t go anywhere without it!  I have it attached to my key chain so it is always with me.  It always seems my phone is low on battery when I need it most.  Keeping a charging cable with me makes it a lot more convenient to charge up my phone!

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Babyganics Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Brand: Babyganics
Product: Foaming hand sanitizer

I carry a bottle of this in my purse all winter long because with two little boys, germs find their way into our home quickly!  Not only is this product fragrance free, but it is also easy for the kids to use.

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Muck Boots Mid-Height Snow Boots

Brand: Muck Boots
Product: Mid Snow Boots

For the past few years, my favorite winter boots have been Muck Boots.  There are several styles, and now with this comfortable snow boot, you will be comfy and cozy all winter long!

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile (caffeine-free!)

Brand: Celestial Seasonings
Product: Honey Vanilla Chamomile (caffeine free)

This has been my favorite flavor of tea this winter!  Served warm or hot, it is soothing and great for any time of day.  And it is by far my favorite way to warm up on a cold wintery day.

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Nintendo Wii Mario Kart - fun for the whole family!

Brand: Nintendo Wii
Product: Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a great way to spend time together as a family when you are snowed in!  My 4 and 5 year old love playing, and so do my husband and I.  Even grandma joins in when she visits!

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Vera Bradley Lanyard

Brand: Vera Bradley
Product: Lanyard Necklace Strap

Ok, so this may seem random in my list but seriously, my Vera Bradley lanyard has been the savior of my car keys this winter.  A few weeks ago, I dropped my husband’s keys in the snow without realizing until later.  It took a week of looking through the deep snow and shoveling it around to finally find them.  If I drop my keys, they may still sink through the snow but the lanyard will still be visible.  Plus having the lanyard attached makes it so much easier to find in my purse, or simply wear as a necklace as I’m busy getting my boys in and out of the car.

Find it on Amazon

Our Top 10 Favorite Products on Amazon for the New Year (2017) - Bella Beat "Leaf" Health Tracker (smart jewelry)

Brand: Bellabeat
Product: Leaf Health Tracker (Smart Jewelry)

In winter, it can be hard to get motivated to move.  It is cold, you want to stay cuddled up on the couch with a good movie and a blanket, and exercising may not be your first thought.  A fitness tracker can help keep you accountable.  You will see how many steps you are really taking and can set daily goals to reach.  This tracker is discreet and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or simply clipped on your clothing.

Find it on Amazon

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