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Questions to Answer Before Moving to a New House

When I was a teenager, I met a long time family friend of my parents who had moved to Australia years ago.  She was visiting with her children, both close in age to me and I was immediately interested in the culture and beauty of the country.  I thought maybe one day I could move there!  Maybe it’s a dream of yours too?

Have you always wanted to move to a house in Australia and raise your family there? There are indeed beautiful and amazing house and land packages in Melbourne and other cities in Australia. However, it is not enough to just decide that you will move there with your family, especially when you have little children in your household. There are different questions that you need to ask yourself and find answers to.

Here are some questions that you need to answer before moving to a new house to ensure that the decision is the best for the entire family especially for the kids.


  1. Is there a nearby school for the kids?

If you have kids then you know how they are always on top of your priorities. And when moving to a new house, you must first check if there is a nearby good school that you can enroll them in most especially if it is their first time to attend school. You surely want to give them good education but you also do not want to cause them stress by having them travel long hours or distance from home to school and vice versa. Therefore, you should look for a house that is near a good kindergarten or prep school.


  1. Is it near the office or workplace?

It would also be practical to move to a house that is near your office or your workplace. This will save you a lot of time, money, and you will also spare yourself from long travel hours. You will be able to spend more quality time with your family than get yourself stuck in traffic especially during rush hour.


  1. Is there a playground or park?

Of course it is also nice if there is a playground or a nice park for you to walk and play with your kids in. You can spend the afternoon in the park, reading books while the kids play with other kids in the neighbourhood. It will be lovely for both you and your kids.


  1. Is the neighbourhood safe and friendly?

You should also ask the question if the neighbourhood is indeed safe. To do this, you might want to observe or do a viewing in different times of the day. You should visit in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening to see how the surroundings would look like during those hours. The area could be quiet in the morning but then when it’s nighttime, there might be a lot of fights among the neighbors, loud parties, and stuff. So of course, you want to avoid those types of neighbourhood.


  1. Is there a police station or guard in the community? 

Lastly, you would feel a lot safer if there is a guard doing some rounds day in and day out. You will be able to sleep better knowing that your family and your property is safe while you are sleeping at night.


Those simple questions will allow you to get to know the neighbourhood and the house location better. More than the style or design of the house, you should be particular about the location.

The environment and the house neighbourhood will definitely create a big impact in raising your kids. Therefore, you must ensure to buy a house not only in a beautiful location but also a location that is safe, healthy, and friendly for the family.


Questions to Answer Before Moving to a New House

Preemptive Post-Emergency Price Calculations

Keep your family in safe hands by planning post-emergency price calculations preemptively


Unexpected events are eerily inevitable. Knowing when, where, and what is the hard part. This is particularly the case when trying to gauge how much money will be required if an emergency occurs.

While we recently covered ways to generate emergency funds, we felt it was necessary to cover the common areas in which these funds get spent. By preemptively calculating their cost, families can better manage money if and when an emergency occurs:


Temporary Living

Floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes wreak millions of dollars of destruction on American homes every year. Insurance usually covers the cost of temporary housing, but the check doesn’t arrive overnight. Get an idea of how much money will be required for a family-sized hotel suite on an extended stay. Call up area hotels and motels to get quotes and make sure your emergency funds match the amount.


Legal Help

Many life emergencies lead to legal woes. Traffic accidents are statistically the most likely of these events to happen to the average person. In the event you or a loved one are hurt in a vehicle collision, it’s critical to seek a reputable car accident lawyer in your area. Once again there’s a good chance you won’t have to pay anything in the long run but there may be upfront fees. Be proactive and call these firms ahead of time to see whether there’s a need to have funds available for legal assistance.



Most folks prefer liability-only auto insurance because it’s usually a lot cheaper than full coverage. However if your car is damaged in an accident and you’re at fault or the other person is not covered, you’re on your own for finding a way around. This can be true even if you’re not at fault. Payouts are delayed if injuries are involved. Even though this is to your long-term benefit as the injured party it means the costs of car rentals and ride-shares need to be covered in the meantime. Check local rental prices from numerous agencies. If Uber or Lyft is active in your area take a glance at their rates.


Home improvement 

Disability may call for a wheelchair ramp to be installed onto your home for access. It counts as a tax write-off, but that doesn’t mean it won’t cost a pretty penny to have built. Call area contractors to see if they’d be willing to come by and give a quote on the cost of constructing a ramp. Additionally, not every destructive catastrophe at home will be covered by your insurance policy. Get a grasp of how much it may cost to pay out-of-pocket for sewer backups, termite damage, and repairing damage caused by acts of terrorism, all of which are not covered by ordinary homeowners insurance.

Having access to emergency funds when an unexpected crisis occurs is standard advice for any household. However getting a rough idea of how much such emergencies will cost in the long-run is an often overlooked article of this policy. What may seem like an adequate stash of cash may not be enough to cover the costs of life’s more common emergencies and disasters. If preparedness is the goal, then be prepared for how much you’ll have to pay.

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