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Every year I find myself rushing to find gifts for the husband that mean something, gifts for friends and family that will get used for more than a week, and presents for the boys that will get used more than the box the toys came in.  It can be a struggle, and brings stress into what should be the happiest time of the year.  With presents for family and the kids, it’s easy to completely forget about Mom.  This year, make sure to get Mom a gift to let her know you appreciate and love her!  (Of course, it’s OK for us moms to give a little gift to ourselves sometimes, too).

If you know Mom likes fashion, my big tip is to generally avoid getting clothing unless she fits into everything.  Buying clothes as a surprise gift means she can’t try it on for size or comfort.  Instead, some of the greatest Christmas gifts for mom are unique pieces of jewelry she can wear!  It’s easier to find the perfect size, and she can wear and show off the sparkly goodness every day of the week.  A great example is this beautiful ring, with a birthstone for each child and personalized engraving of each one’s name!

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If Mom already has too much jewelry, or it’s out of the budget, take a look around the house for the perfect gift idea!  Find out what type of things she likes, then add a personal touch to it.  For example, if she has a soft spot for Precious Moments figurines, look for a figure scene showing a mom and child doing something you and your mom enjoy doing together.  It could be story time before bed, cooking together, or maybe a figure from that movie she watched 100 times with you.

Prefer a more practical gift?  When guys go to get gifts for the mom of the house, it’s easy to think from a guy perspective.  If you’re getting a practical gift, don’t go for a special flashlight or a cute pink tool set.  They’re cute and serve a great purpose, but unless Mom really wants one, you’re better off listening to her in the months before Christmas.  What does she say when she’s working around the house?  Is there a certain chore that she spends a lot of time on, or one she complains about?  You could get her something to make that chore easier, or better yet, give your mom some coupons saying you will do those chores for her!  That is a free gift that shows her you care and pay attention to her, and will give her some free time to enjoy.  Want to go even bigger?  If you’re big enough to take over a certain chore, give her a permanent coupon!  I for one would think it was amazing if my kids decided to do the laundry or dishes once every week, all year long.  You could even do the dishes WITH Mom, giving you some quality time together.  Whatever you choose, make it fun and memorable, and show Mom how much she means to you!


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