Chuck & Friends Tumblin’ Chuck vehicle – perfect for preschoolers this Christmas!



Meet Chuck. Chuck is one of the newest interactive characters, taking part in an entire line of toys and devices for children called Chuck & Friends.  One particular toy from the line, the Tumblin’ Chuck, promises to keep young toddlers entertained for hours on end.  With over 80 phrases and sounds, flips, somersaults, push-ups, and reacting to your child’s actions, Tumblin’ Chuck will entertain a four year old just as well as it does my 19 month old.

My son loved the toy at first sight, but to be fair, he gravitates toward anything and everything new.  After getting it out, he kept entertained with the toy, leaving the box behind (it takes a good toy to be more exciting than the empty box!).  When he pushed it away, it rolled or somersaulted back toward him.  When he grabbed it underneath, Chuck got ticklish and laughed, with moving eyes and all.  Chuck has too many expressions to discover in one play session, and tries to get your child to interact whenever possible.  He’ll ask you to put something in his bucket, do push-ups with him, and remind you to play with him.  Our son isn’t quite old enough to play along with everything – he doesn’t care about push-ups and falls over when doing somersaults – but he loves the interaction and laughs when Chuck says something silly or makes a farting noise (some of you might not like that, but hey, kids think it is hilarious and no harm done).



Things to keep in mind – while my 19 month old son loves the toy, it is also a toy we put away when we aren’t watching him play with it. It’s designed for age 3 and up.  Younger kids can enjoy it, but it has moving parts including the bucket, eyes, mouth and wheels.  These parts attract attention of young curious minds, so a younger child is likely to pull on the bucket until it breaks off, or hold the wheels to stop them from spinning.  Bottom line, it is a fun toy for any age, but if your child is under 3 you should monitor their play or expect a broken toy.

I highly recommend the Tumblin’ Chuck, and one of my favorite things about it is that it is part of an entire line of toys.  The concept is similar to the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy, and our son has enjoyed seeing him pop up in multiple types of toys and playing the same songs so that he recognizes them.  The Chuck & Friends line is our next step, with toys designed for the next stage of development and a recognizable figure to tie it all together.

Requires 4 “C” batteries (demo batteries included).  Includes vehicle and instructions.



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