Cozy Microflannel Sheet Set from Brylane Home

Comfy microflannel sheets from Brylane Home


With winter beginning and the predictions of a particularly cold and stormy season, it’s getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning.  We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so it only makes sense that we want a comfortable and relaxing place to lay our heads at night (and to snuggle under the covers after hitting snooze, hoping the kids give us just a few more minutes before waking up).  When my husband and I got a new bed, we gave in and splurged on one of the higher end sets of jersey knit sheets.  To be honest, while they were very soft, they were a bit thin compared to the $20 jersey knits we had from Wal-Mart.  Comfy microflannel sheets from Brylane Home


Then we found the Cozy Microflannel sheets from Brylane Home.  Unlike regular flannel sheets, these are very soft, very flexible, and are more breathable.  They are also just as soft as jersey knits, but with a more microfiber type texture instead of the silky feel of the expensive jersey sets. The added thickness of the microflannel makes them more durable, as our cheaper jersey knit sheets would often get small holes in them much like a t-shirt.  The Cozy Microflannel sheets seemed to be a perfect blend of softness, durability, and warmth for our bed.  

After changing the sheets, we were not disappointed.  They’re breathable enough that we never overheat like we have with flannel in the past, but soft and warm enough that we don’t wake up cold, and really don’t want to get out of bed into the cold air in the morning!  We have cheap and expensive jersey knit sheets, a flannel set, traditional sheets, and yet honestly the microfiber is what will be staying on our bed as long as possible – I am extremely happy with the quality and the absolute softness.  They are amazing!  If you know someone, maybe even yourself, who needs a warmer or comfier bed, the Cozy Microflannel Sheet Set from Brylane Home is the gift they didn’t even know they needed (but will wonder how they ever did without)!


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