Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature: mess free fun! #chosenbykids

Find great gift ideas at Walmart's Holiday Toyland events - our Cra-Z-Sand is awesome!  (And mess free!!!)


This year, Walmart has been introducing hot toys to customers across the nation through their Holiday Toyland In-Store Events.  These events started October 4th and they continue through December 13th, giving you help during last minute Christmas shopping!  Participating bands include Fisher Price Little People, Hasbro, Vtech, Just Play, Spin Master, and Moose Toys, Inc.  Who determines the toys included?  Those who know toys best – KIDS!  And there’s something for everyone!

My kids (and husband) love building with play-doh and sand.  But the mess?  I’ll pass!  I was introduced to Cra-Z-Sand at my local Holiday Toyland in-store event this past weekend and it’s nothing like I’ve seen before.  It molds easily like wet sand but without the mess.  The mold holds until you sort of pat at it, then the grains slowly seem to repel each other, becoming loose and almost like dry sand again.  And the best part is that it doesn’t stick to your hands!


Sand that sticks to itself and not to you! The Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature Play Set was Chosen By Kids! #chosenbykids


There are a few varieties of Cra-Z-Sand products and I was given the opportunity to review the Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature Play Set.  Inside the box, you’ll find a plastic tray, 1.5 lbs of sand, sea creature molds, and a sculpting tool.  Please keep in mind that this kit is intended for ages 4 and up.   

My oldest is the most interested in Cra-Z-Sand since he is almost 4.  He loves the beach themed molds and they were easy for him to use.  The set is big enough for one to two children to play comfortably from opposite sides of the tray.


Sand that sticks to itself and not to you!  The Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature Play Set was Chosen By Kids! #chosenbykids


So the verdict?  

Cra-Z-Sand is pretty cool and as a parent, you will love that it is mess free!  It took me just a few seconds to wipe my hands clean.  Even though we have already played with our Sea Creature Play Set, I know my boys would have been thrilled to find it under our Christmas tree.  I will definitely check out the rest of the Chosen by Kids toys featured at Walmart to finish our Christmas shopping since they loved this one so much!  Oh and I forgot to mention – the set was under $15, making it pretty affordable!

Remember to check out when your local Walmart Holiday Toyland in-store event will be…you may find the perfect Christmas gift!


This review was sponsored by Amp Agency however all opinions expressed are our own.

13 Responses to Cra-Z-Sand Sea Creature: mess free fun! #chosenbykids

  1. Its not as mess free as you think. The kit we have is not mess free and the sand does not clean up as described on the package. If you purchase this and use it indoors, do yourself a huge favor and put down newspaper! Sand on the floor is abrasive! The glitter sticks to everything!

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear that. My kids are afraid of messes, so I lucked out and it really didn’t make much of a mess. It wiped off our hands and the tools with ease.

      And yes, glitter is definitely a mess no matter what. Were you able to find any non-glittery kits?

  2. We got to touch this at an in-store event and it was fascinating! Definitely nothing like I’ve seen before. Imagine if sand at the beach stuck together so well? Oh the castles we could make…

  3. We love Cra-Z products and this sand is super cool. At a time when money is tight for many people, it is also nice to find toys that are both fun and affordable!

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