Crocs for kids: fun and comfort all in one!


If you are looking for comfortable shoes that your child won’t mind wearing, check out Crocs!  With so many styles available now, you will find everything from sandals to athletic shoes to boots.  I received children’s Dawson Easy-On Sneakers and Crocslights Gust Boots to try out and my son hasn’t wanted to part with either, even after a long day out.

My 2 year old is learning to dress himself while my 3 1/2 year old is very independent and prefers I do not help him with anything.  The Dawson Easy-On Sneakers are absolutely perfect for both of them.  The shoes are easy to slip on, fasten, and are light weight, eliminating any chunkiness that may cause them to trip and fall.  Both boys are able to get dressed in record time (for toddlers) and feel proud that they were able to do it all by themselves.




Light up shoes will never get old.  I had some as a child and my oldest has already experienced his first pair of light up sneakers.  But the Crocslights Gust Boots are something else!  Not only are they a perfect lightweight boot for fall, but the lights are amazing!  They light up brightly and provide a fun light show if it is dim out.  While these do not come in a small enough size for my littlest, he still has fun watching his big brother run around, lighting the way.

Crocs has created so many fun and comfortable styles for kids!  You’ll also find a variety of great styles for men and women if you take a look around the Crocs website.  Keep them in mind as you complete your Christmas shopping this year!


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