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DormCo College Ave Bedding Comforter


College.  It requires a whole new bedding set, decor, cooking, and security items – and I haven’t even begun to scrape the surface with that short list.  If you want to have something unique to set your college student’s room apart from everyone else’s, look no further than DormCo.  You can find everything, from college trunks and bedding accessories to cooking supplies and ID holders.  They have just about everything you need to start college off in style! 

One of my favorite things about DormCo is that they have $2.95 shipping for any order, no minimum purchase.  That means whether you order a small curtain or a large footlocker, you still only pay $2.95.  If you aren’t sure where to start, you can check out the Top 20 Must-Have Dorm Essentials list.  

As many of you know, I am no longer a college student.  I graduated 4 years ago and as much fun as it was, I will not be returning to the dorms.  It will also be quite a while until my little ones (11 months old and 2 1/2 years old) are in college.  Sure, I know it will come sooner than it seems, but I am not going to shop for them for college just yet.  However, DormCo has a lot of products that still interest me!  One that I got to try out is the Go Vault.  This little security safe is great for college students to lock up their camera, important paperwork or whatever else they need to keep safe.  As a parent, rather than a college student, my first thought was that this was perfect to keep medication safely away from my kids.  My husband suffered from a heart attack this year so we have more medication in the bathroom cabinets than I could ever have imagined at 26 years old.  The Go Vault is small enough to keep in the bathroom yet big enough to store all our medication in.   

If you are looking for gifts for a college student or soon-to-be college student this holiday season, DormCo is definitely a great place to start!  And you never know, you might find something for you too!  


DormCo Go Vault Safe for college students


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