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With a variety of accessories for tablets, computers, and mobile devices, Digital Treasures has a lot to offer, including some products that are perfect for on-the-go moms like myself!  Digital Treasures is a division of PC Treasures and can be found at popular retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, Target and Amazon.  It is estimated that PC Treasures’ products are in over 10 million homes across North America – wow!  

When I go out with my boys, I always have my iPhone.  Between the phone calls, texting, the Google maps app and whatever else I may need while I am out, my phone battery drains quickly.  Sometimes I even have the iPad with me to keep my 2 year old entertained at the grocery store or in the car…you know, helping ME keep my sanity too ;-)  And of course, it is always when you need your device the most that the battery is practically running on fumes.  Digital Treasures carries a variety of portable power banks that allow you to recharge your devices while on the go – definitely ideal for on-the-go moms! 



Digital Treasures ChargeIt 2X iPhone 4s Case



The first product that I got a chance to try out was the ChargeIt! 2x for iPhone 4/4s.  This is a battery case that your phone slides into, providing 1900 mAh power.  The iPhone 4 and 4s have a battery of about 1400 mAh, so you can charge your iPhone and still have a little charge left to spare.  The case weighs 2.7 ounces, over an ounce lighter than the iPhone itself.  The case is sleek and does not feel like it adds a lot of bulk to the phone.  A usb cord is included for charging the case, and the instructions can be found on the paper that looks like an iPhone in the case. 

When you first take the ChargeIt! 2x out of the box, it is pretty self explanatory.  The top slides off easily, allowing you to slide your phone in.  Once your phone is all the way down onto the 30 pin adapter, you can slide the top of the case on.  The top does catch on the side buttons of the iPhone, but it was easy to maneuver it around them.  Once the phone is completely in the case, you will see a switch on the bottom that you flip on when you want to begin charging your phone.  If you want to see how much charge the case has, you simply press a button on the lower back to see up to 4 LED lights.  The lights also shows you the status of the battery as you charge it.  


Digital Treasures ChargeIt 2X iPhone Case 4


Once you begin charging your phone with the ChargeIt! 2x, it will take a while to charge your phone – but since the battery is in the case, you can just go on with your day!  The case does not negatively affect your audio, as there are openings at the lower front of the case that direct the speaker and microphone to the front.  The screen and all ports are easily available, with the exception of the 30pin charging port since that is in use when the case is on.  

Now some of you may have heard of the Mophie Juice Pack.  While this case comes in a couple more colors than the ChargeIt! 2x, I would much rather use the ChargeIt!.  The ChargeIt! 2x holds 1900 mAh compared to the Mophie’s 1500.  The only downside is that I do not see a ChargeIt! product for the iPhone 5, 5c or 5s yet.  For those of you who do not use an iPhone but use a tablet, you can check out Digital Treasures’ Props Extended Power cases.  

The ChargeIt! 2x is definitely a must-have for me.  I will be keeping it charged up and carrying it with me when I am out running errands.  I can just keep it on my phone without taking up any extra space in my purse or pockets.  I do have to say that as a mom of a toddler, I will not be letting my son play with my phone while this case is on it – I don’t know how well the case or its internal battery will hold up after being dropped on the floor several times.


 Digital Treasures Power Flask

Powerflask Portable Power Bank 6


The next product I tried was the PowerFlask Portable Power Bank.  You might think it’ll look funny with me, a mom, carrying around a product resembling a flask in my purse.  Go ahead…laugh…but my family will be the one with the charged iPhones and iPad!  :)  This mobile power device holds a whopping 13,000 mAh.  That’s enough to almost fully re-power an iPad 4 once,  an iPad Mini two and a half times or an iPhone 4/4s about seven times.  After looking around online, the PowerFlask holds more power than most power banks out there.


Powerflask Portable Power Bank 7


In the box you will find two 30-pin Apple device connectors, a USB to Micro USB charging cable, a USB power adapter to charge the flask itself and of course a user guide.  It also includes a USB to Dual Micro USB charging cable, which splits the tablet port into two separate chargers, allowing three total devices as seen below!  That gives you a great start to start charging your devices!  Before using the PowerFlask, you will need to make sure it is charged up.  Similar to the ChargeIt! 2x case I talked about earlier, you can press a button to see LED lights to determine the remaining charge on the flask.  The PowerFlask also features 2 LED flash lights on it…you never know when you will need a spare light!  


Power Flask Power Bank 10



The PowerFlask is sleek with polished metal, faux-leather and red stitching.  The two USB ports are labeled – one does not put out as much power so it is more suitable for phones whereas the other can power a tablet or a phone.  The flask does take quite a while to become fully charged – an estimated 11-13 hours.  The PowerFlask is easy to use and very portable.  I will definitely be taking it with us if we will be expecting to use our devices a lot while we are out!  It would also come in handy in the event of a power outage.  It’s a good thing to have on hand when expecting a thunderstorm or severe winter weather.  


Digital Treasures Lyrix Jive Bluetooth Speaker



The last product I tried from Digital Treasures is their Lyrix JIVE speaker.  It is a water resistant and portable bluetooth speaker that features hands-free calling and one-touch redial.  In the box, you will find the speaker and a USB charging cable.  When I first removed the Lyrix JIVE from the box, I was really surprised at how small it was!  It is lightweight and fit in the palm of my hand.  The rubber silicone surface of the speaker feels very smooth and soft.  On the bottom of the it, you will find a suction cup that allows you to stick the speaker to a window or even the shower.  I like being able to stick it to a cabinet or the fridge while I am washing dishes.  


Lyrix Jive Bluetooth Speaker connection


Connecting your phone to the Lyrix JIVE is very easy.  First, you need to make sure the speaker is powered on – the switch is found behind a flap on the back of the speaker to protect it from water.  Next, open the bluetooth settings on the device you want to connect to.  On an iPhone, just go to Settings, Bluetooth, flip it on and choose the Lyrix JIVE when it comes up.  To listen to music, all you need to do is open your music player and the sound will automatically be switched to the speaker.  The sound is great!  It definitely is an improvement from my iPhone’s sound, especially where the bass is concerned.  I never imagined that such a small speaker could sound this good!


Lyrix Jive Bluetooth Speaker 5


The Lyrix JIVE can also be used for hands-free calling and one-touch redial.  This is AWESOME for moms!  It even comes in handy when my two year old just wants to walk around talking to his grandma.  I don’t have to worry that my son will delete photos or buy an app on my phone when he is holding the Lyrix JIVE.  I also can answer phone calls without getting wet hands all over my iPhone when washing dishes.  The only con I have found so far is that the speaker only has about 4 hours of battery life, and due to the shape, size, and feel of the buttons it would not be useful for handsfree while driving.  


A quick recap:

ChargeIt! 2x for iPhone 4/4s – convenient, sleek and recharges your phone at least one full time.
PowerFlask Portable Power Bank – fits in your purse or pocket, provides a LOT of backup power for your devices!
Lyrix JIVE speaker – portable, water resistant and powerful sound for its size.

The three products I tried from Digital Treasures definitely met and exceeded expectations!  I will definitely get some good use out of them and am excited to see what products they continue to come out with.  They currently have several folio and pivot cases for tablets, pc accessories including a wireless mini mouse and laptop cooling stands (this is next on my list!), fingerprint resistant screen protectors and even a couple of camera accessories.  The products I have tried so far were of great quality and I have no doubt the rest of their products are held to the same standards.  



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  1. Awesome! That bluetooth speaker looks really neat! I really love that flask to. What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing this.

    • The PowerFlask can be used for Androids! :) Just use your own usb charging cord and it should work without a problem. Unfortunately the ChargeIt! 2x case is only for iPhone 4/4s though.. maybe they will come out with some for other phones too!

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