Ever just had that ‘duh’ moment?

Today I went to pick up an order at a local place called Dublin Pub.  I am 19 weeks pregnant and a ‘chicken horseshoe’ (see what a horseshoe is here) sounded delicious so I just HAD to have one.  I had my husband call and order it while I was on my way there to pick it up.  I got there and the parking lot was pretty full – no doubt they were open.  I walked up to the single door I saw near the outdoor patio area (where several people were eating) and tried to open it… it wouldn’t open.  I walked around to the side to see if there was another door since I hadn’t been there before and normally the outdoor patio seating is on the side of restaurants.  The only door I saw was clearly the back door.  A bit embarrassed and not wanting to walk back up to the original door I had tried to make a fool of myself again, I walked to my car and called my husband to tell him I may be a few minutes longer because I was having a dumb moment… I wasn’t sure how to get inside!  

I waited a few minutes when another car finally pulled up and a couple walked up to the building.  They opened the door. It opened outwards.  I guess I hadn’t tried that in my hurry to find another door…whoops!  I successfully made my way in and picked up my food and brought it home to eat.  I still blame “pregnancy brain”…. 


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