Face mask options for kids


Face Mask Options for Kids


Back to school shopping is going to look a little different this year, whether your child is returning to the classroom or you are making the choice between homeschool and distance learning.  Here are a few of the top kid’s masks I have found: 

These are all non-medical masks and I am not providing any medical advice.  Please view the CDC mask guidelines


Crayola School Mask Pack – $29.99

Crayola has a variety of colors and designs in 5-packs designed perfectly for kids who will be going back to school or attending daily events.  Masks come color coded so you can create a chart at home to keep track.  Each pack also comes with a mesh laundry bag to keep your masks safe while washing them.  These masks have adjustable ear straps. 


Target Cat & Jack 2 Pk Face Masks – $4

Target has a variety of cute 2 pack masks for kids.  These are just $4 per 2 pack, making them among the most affordable!  I am seeing camo/green combos, tie dye, unicorns and stars, and even a sporty pattern.  


Old Navy 5-pk Variety – $12.50

Old Navy / Gap have some super cute pleated masks for kids.  These are triple layer and 100% cotton with elastic ear straps.  As there are several varieties, you are sure to find something to match every outfit.  


Disney 4-Pk Varieties – $19.99

These Disney masks are absolutely adorable.  There are princesses, super heroes, Winnie the Pooh, and more! 


Athleta 5-Pk Masks – $30

Primarily marked to girls and women, Athleta’s 5 packs of masks come in a range of nice neutral colors.  These are some of the few kid’s masks I’ve come across that have a nose wire.  Athleta also makes the 3-pk Made to Move Mask which boasts being soft and breathable for light athletic activities.  Both styles come with a removable head strap to remove tension from the ears.  


Pottery Barn Kids 2-Pk Face Masks – $19.50

Mask your toddler or young child up in style with Pottery Barn Kids’ adorable masks.  Plus for the time being, 30% of the retail price goes towards No Kid Hungry® – a national campaign working to end childhood hunger.  


Fanatics.com 3-Pk Sports Masks – $24.99

For those of you with kids who can’t get enough of their favorite sports team, Fanatics.com has a ton of officially licensed choices!  You can even find matching t-shirt / mask combos to make a fun back-to-school gift.  


DIY Ideas and Extras: 


DIY Tie Dye Fun!  

Pick up some plain white masks to tie dye!  


Add some flair! 

Have a Cricut? Have fun with decals!  If you don’t have a Cricut, you can find some cute iron ons at most stores, Amazon, or Etsy.  Maybe add some rhinestones or sequins while you are at it.  Just make sure that your mask is still easy to wash and sanitize!  


Sew your own mask (two styles):

Pleated Style (pattern by The Stitching Scientist)

Olson Style (pattern by Craft Passion)

I pulled my dusty sewing machine out and made some of my own masks and am so proud of myself.  I hadn’t used the sewing machine in about 11 years, and even then, I was basically a beginner.  I tackled first the Olson pattern, and then the pleated pattern.  I have played around with different fabric, ranging from yards at the craft store, to pillowcases and old tank tops.  I recommend staying away from stretchier fabrics at first, as they are harder to sew, but I am going to tackle some quick-dry fabric soon and see how that goes!   I recommend starting with some non-stretchy cotton first.  An old pillow case or sheet would be a great way to test your pattern!  Once you get your pattern down, you can modify as needed.  

Here are some of my personal pros and cons of the two styles:

Pleated Pros:  quicker to mass produce, no seam across the middle of the fabric

Pleated Cons: can be a little hard to add adjustable straps to, and can bind up the sewing machine if the fabric gets too thick over the pleats.  

Olson Pros: easy to add any sort of strap, may be more fitted to your liking, never too many layers to sew through

Olson Cons: seam in the middle of the fabric, takes longer to cut and sew



Face Mask Options For Kids

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