99 Free Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids

99 Valentine's Day Printables for Kids


So who’s ready for an awesome list of free printables for the kids this Valentine’s Day?!  I know how chaotic the stores can get just before holidays, so I compiled this list to help you avoid the busy aisles, searching down those perfect Valentine cards and activities.  Plus some of the bloggers who’ve contributed to this list have some pretty amazing creations that I am so happy to have found!

We have already have our cards ready for his preschool party tomorrow but my son is pretty excited about Valentine’s Day and is eager to learn anything and everything.  After school tomorrow, I plan to enjoy some Gluten-Free S’mores Cookie Sandwiches (a tasty new recipe on our blog!) with my 3 1/2 year old who will be practicing Valentine’s Day words on our free Printing and Spelling Practice worksheet.  In a few years, we’ll be able to work on the Word Scramble together!

Alright…here’s the list… I’m sure you’ll find something you and your kids will enjoy!


Worksheets and Activities

  1. Valentine’s Day Word Scramble (familycentsability.com)
  2. Spelling/Printing Practice (familycentsability.com)
  3. 10 Things I Love About You – Blank List (embracingcreativity.net)
  4. 40-page Printable Pack for Pre-K (embarkonthejourney.com)
  5. Wordsearch #1 (jinxykids.com)
  6. Wordsearch #2 (graceandgoodeats.com)
  7. Placemat Printable Activity (coffeewithus3.com)
  8. Pre-filled Chatterbox (intheplayroom.co.uk) 
  9. Hershey Kiss Ring Craft + Cards (thriftyjinxy.com)
  10. Valentine Jar with Labels (thriftyjinxy.com)
  11. Handprint Card for Grandparents (amomstake.com)


Coupons and Coupon Books 

  1. Coupon book to give to kids (jinxykids.com)
  2. Coupon book to give out to parents, kids, friends, etc (eleganceandenchantment.com)


Decorative Printables

  1. Love & Hearts (embracingcreativity.net)
  2. Photo Prop Banner (sarahhalstead.com)
  3. Wall Art “Sealed with a Kiss” (thriftyjinxy.com)


Coloring Pages

  1. Heart coloring page (scribbleprints.blogspot.com)
  2. I love you beary much (morethanamomofthree.com)


Treat Toppers 

  1. Treat Toppers – pink and red hearts (thriftyjinxy.com)
  2. Treat Toppers – goldfish (missontosave.com)
  3. Straw Toppers (threedifferentdirections.com)



  1. Aliens (hiitsjilly.com)
  2. Suckers (hiitsjilly.com)
  3. Puppies (twolittlecavaliers.com)
  4. Planes (missinformationblog.com)
  5. Frog & Pencil (hiitsjilly.com)
  6. Variety of 3 (aspectacledowl.com)
  7. Owl (graceandgoodeats.com)
  8. Olaf (onecreativemommy.com)
  9. Poprocks (aboutamom.com)
  10. Brave (onecreativemommy.com)
  11. Great Catch (wifemomgeek.com)
  12. Tootsie Pop (onecreativemommy.com)
  13. Bear (graceandgoodeats.com)
  14. Frozen Olaf (onecreativemommy.com)
  15. Big Hero 6 (desertchica.com)
  16. Color By Number (amomstake.com)
  17. S’mores (couponcuttingmom.com)
  18. Popcorn (adayincandiland.com)
  19. A”maze” (amomstake.com)
  20. Bananas For You (thriftynorthwestmom.com)
  21. Sports (wifemomgeek.com)
  22. Highlight of My Life (thriftynorthwestmom.com)
  23. Minecraft (digitalmomblog.com)
  24. Stuck on You (onecreativemommy.com)
  25. Word Search (aboutamom.com)
  26. You’re a Gem (thesuburbanmom.com)
  27. Seed Packet (faithfullyfree.com)
  28. Lego (momvstheboys.com)
  29. Smarties (momvstheboys.com)
  30. Variety of 15 Cards (twokidsandacoupon.com)
  31. Disney Pixar (cmongetcrafty.com)
  32. Lego (thismamaloves.com)
  33. Minecraft (thismamaloves.com)
  34. American Girl (thismamaloves.com)
  35. You’re a Winner (thriftynorthwestmom.com)
  36. The “Write” Stuff (threedifferentdirections.com)
  37. Minions (threedifferentdirections.com)
  38. Hipster (thismamaloves.com)
  39. Pencil Arrow (thismamaloves.com)
  40. Sticker Sheet (newlywedsurvival.com) 
  41. Healthy Sticker/Cards (thethriftycouple.com)
  42. 4 Non-Food – pencil, glowsticks, etc (thethriftycouple.com)




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