The freshest chicken I have ever bought, thanks to Zaycon!

 The freshest 40lbs of chicken I've ever bought!


40 pounds of chicken.  That’s a lot, right?  To my little family of four, it sure is!  But at $1.89/lb for fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breasts from Zaycon Foods, you just can’t pass up that kind of deal!  

Zaycon Foods has been serving fresh foods directly to customers at wholesale prices since 2009.  Eliminating the middle man and bringing the food directly from the farm to a local pickup location for the customers, Zaycon is able to provide you with quality foods while eliminating costs.  The one catch that may be difficult for some is that the food is only available in cases.  For example, the chicken that I ordered came as a 40lb case.  You can order as many cases as you would like, though, which is great for large families or those with additional freezers.  You can also order fresh non-homogenized milk, turkey breast, strawberries, steak, and even raw honey! 


Zaycon Foods serves locations nationwide.


Who does Zaycon serve?  Take a look at the map above and you might be surprised.  I sure was!  I hadn’t heard of Zaycon Foods until this past year but wow, they have quite a few events!  The location closest to me was just 5 miles away in a church parking lot on February 3rd. Unfortunately since it was on a week day afternoon, I did not have a way to get there.  However, my grandfather in-law was able to stop by the event and pick it up for me.  All he had to do was pull up, show them the printed receipt, and load the box of chicken into his car.  Easy, easy, easy! 

Now to the good stuff – the chicken breasts!  When my grandfather in-law brought the chicken to my house, I wasn’t quite sure how big the box would be so I cleared as much space in the freezer as I could.  The box was pretty big and quite full.  The chicken comes in four bags, all inside of one bag.  The four inside bags were not sealed so a lot of juice leaked into the larger bag but the larger bag was sealed, keeping the chicken away from outside bacteria.  




As I opened the bags to get to the chicken, I was impressed with the size of the chicken breasts.  My husband helped me trim the breasts (we are pickier about trimming ours than most people) and he kept being amazed at how large they were.  As we separated the chicken breasts, we bagged most and used a vacuum sealer before putting them in the freezer.  We kept some aside to cook immediately in our crock pot (we made some yummy Crock-Pot Shredded BBQ Chicken!)  I also set aside some to give to my grandfather in-law to thank him for picking it up for us.  

Being the freshest chicken I have ever eaten, Zaycon’s chicken breasts have been absolutely delicious so far.  I can’t wait to try out new dishes as well as the classics!  What are your favorite chicken recipes?  


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  1. I loved our Zaycon Chicken when we got it too. We are a family of 6 (of course the baby doesn’t eat any yet) but our chicken lasted for months. thank goodness we have a chest freezer

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