Frozen Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots


Frozen Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots.. oh where do I begin?  How about with a little story?


Once up on a time, I had picky toddlers.  

Does that story sound familiar?

Let me clarify some important details in this story.  My toddlers are more than picky.  My 3 year old spent the first 2 years of his life with sensory processing disorder causing an oral aversion to many foods.  My 22 month old watched his older brother refuse foods from the day he was born…and guess what?  Monkey see, monkey do.  Evan thought refusing foods was the norm.  So when I find a nutritious recipe that they both love, I hold onto it and cherish it!



Now don’t tell my kids this, but pumpkin is very nutritious!  While being rich in vitamins and minerals, it is also low in fat, making it an idea food to incorporate into your diet…especially for my family.

If you’ve been following my blog, you may remember that my husband survived a heart attack at 26.  One year later, we found out our (then) 2 year old also had high cholesterol.  The doctors are unsure what is causing the unhealthy levels of cholesterol in their bodies, but it is primarily genetic.

We can still do our part by ensuring our family has healthy meals and snacks though!  Reducing saturated fats is a big step in lowering and controlling cholesterol levels.  As I mentioned before, my toddlers are picky.  They love ice cream and sweets though.  Finding a healthy, low fat, low sugar alternative for them wasn’t easy.  I’ve tried Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts but they melt faster than my kids eat.

When frozen pumpkin pie yogurt dots came to mind, I had to put the recipe to the test.  Phew!  Thank goodness I did – my kids gobble up the frozen dots like candy!

The dots are healthy, delicious, fun to eat…what more can you ask for?

And they’re easy to prepare!  Woohoo!


Frozen pumpkin pie yogurt dots


The only ingredients you’ll need are plain or vanilla greek yogurt, pureed pumpkin, a little bit of pumpkin spice (optional), and sugar or another sweetener (optional).  It will also be helpful to have parchment paper or a nonstick surface to freeze the dots on.


Frozen pumpkin pie yogurt dots


Start off mixing greek yogurt and pumpkin puree with a spoon.  I used 1 individual cup of yogurt and used the same cup to measure half full with pumpkin.  If the taste is a bit plain, you can add 1/8 tsp of pumpkin spice.  Sweetener is also optional depending on your taste.  Fortunately you can taste test before freezing the mixture since all the ingredients are safe!

Once all ingredients are blended together, drop small amounts (about the size of a Cheerio or Fruit Loop) on the parchment paper.  You could use a frosting dispenser or a plastic baggie with the end cut off (Zippered Plastic Bag as Frosting Dispenser Tutorial from Real Simple Magazine).  I used a 1/8 tsp measuring spoon and it worked great!


Frozen pumpkin pie yogurt dots


Put the yogurt dots in the freezer and wait at least 20 minutes or until they are fully frozen.  Remove and enjoy!

My kids loved that the dots did not melt immediately in their hands.  I laid one separately on the counter to see how long it took to melt and it did not start losing its shape until 10-15 minutes later.  By then, the rest of the yogurt dots were long gone in my boys’ tummies and, to conclude our story, we all lived happily ever after!



Frozen Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots
Prep time
Total time
Introduce the Fall season to your family with Frozen Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots. They are a nutritious dessert the kids will love!
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice (optional)
  • Sugar/Sweetener (optional)
  1. Pour an individual cup of Greek Yogurt into a bowl. Use the same cup to measure ½ full of pumpkin puree. The ratio of yogurt to pumpkin can vary, but 2:1 seemed to freeze the best.
  2. Add ⅛ tsp of pumpkin pie spice and your desired amount of sweetener and mix with a spoon.
  3. Drop small amounts onto a sheet of parchment paper and freeze for 20+ minutes.
  4. Enjoy!



Tips and suggestions:

Mix in some crumbled graham crackers to enhance the pumpkin pie flavor…yum!

Try new flavors – rather than adding pumpkin, try strawberry puree…or simply a flavored greek yogurt.

Use a resealable container for any leftover dots…not that there will be any left ;)


Frozen pumpkin pie yogurt dots

7 Responses to Frozen Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Dots Recipe

  1. Love this idea, my kids would love this, too! It’s good to hear they’re made healthier because I’m also trying to get my family to eat healthier. So good to hear your husband survived the heart attack, how scary! I’ve made mini cream cheese mint bites shaped like shells for the summer so this reminded me of that but I like how this works well for Fall. Thanks for linking up at #merrymonday!

  2. What a wonderful treat. I love this idea. My son is autistic, and very picky about his food, so I totally understand what it is like to struggle to find foods they enjoy. Thank you for sharing at Party in Your PJs.

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