Fun at the Illinois State Fair (Paw Patrol, rides, and more!)

My kids had a blast at the 2016 Illinois State Fair


The Illinois State Fair is an annual tradition for families all around the state.  There are pageants, races, concerts, horse shows, competitions, carnival rides, and so many new foods to try.  Alex and Evan had their first experience 2 years ago and it has been more and more fun with every year.  Now that they are 3 1/2 and 5 years old, they are starting to really enjoy it.  This year with the Paw Patroller (#rollpatroltour) and several kids’ rides, it was a day they’ll remember!

Now how about I stop talking and let the pictures tell the story?  :)


The Paw Patroller stopped by the 2016 Illinois State Fair!  #rollpatroltour

We milked a cow, rode carnival rides, and had so much fun at the 2016 Illinois State Fair!


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