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Get your toddler ready for preschool with some of these fun online games!


My son has preschool screening next week *cue mommy freak out moment* – I can’t believe he is preschool age already!  Wow, as they say, time flies!  It seems just yesterday Alex was taking his first steps in our living room.  And saying “mama” and “dada” for the first time.  My little baby is growing up so fast!

Alex has always been a very smart kid.  He picks things up so fast and retains them so well.  However, we need to work on his attention span.  He is interested in everything and loses focus so easily.  After searching around, I found some many math games for kids at his level.  After trying them out, his focus seems improved and he really loves playing the games.  He asks to play educational games rather than watch television…I couldn’t be prouder of my little boy!

Before we know it, he’s going to be heading off to kindergarten…eeeek!


I’ve created a list of websites below that have great games for your preschooler.  Please let us know your favorite games (whether on the list, or not) in the comment section below the post and we’ll create another post highlighting these games.




Nick Jr.

My sons love the shows on Nick Jr. so they were more than thrilled to find out about all the fun games on their website!  Some of their favorites are the games with Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, and Team Umizoomi.  While my oldest prefers the Team Umizoomi games, my youngest prefers the easier Bubble Pop with Bubble Puppy.
Disney Junior Preschool Games


Disney Junior

Does your child prefer Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?  Then they’ll love the games on Disney Junior!  Choose by tv show, or simply browse the games to find what your child likes.  Although he’s not a big fan of Chuggington, my 3 year old loves Koko’s Color Box.  My only complaint is that the coloring sheets are pretty small for a toddler to color, however there are fun sound effects as you color!


Fisher Price

One place you may not have thought to look is Fisher Price.  Although known for their toys, Fisher Price has a wonderful assortment of preschool aged games!  We’ve tried some on our iPad before but sometimes my kids want to play on the computer like mommy.  Again, like many of the other sites, the games are small.  I wish that they could become full screen so the kids are less distracted and do not accidentally click outside of the game.  A few of the games, my kids liked better on our tablet, but we had the opportunity to try some we hadn’t downloaded, while on the Fisher Price online game site.  My son liked the Power Wheels Online Racing Game.  You cannot accidentally navigate off the track, which created a more enjoyable play time at his age.


PBS Kids Games


PBS Kids:

Here you’ll find toddler games with Daniel Tiger, Curious George, Elmo, Clifford, so many more!   My youngest especially enjoys Curious Geoge: Splat Symphony!  Browse by category and you’ll be sure to find a fun game for your child!


Knowledge Adventure

This is one I hadn’t heard of before and we haven’t really taken too much time to explore yet.  However, the list of games is extensive and you can organize games by age recommendation!


Sprout Online

Caillou, Barney, Bob the Builder, Thomas & Friends…they’re all show’s we’ve heard of and some have been around for years.  Sprout has created quite a few games with these characters on their website.   My sons are really big into “fixing” stuff with their toy drills so they enjoy Spud’s Counting game!


Happy Clicks

Another one I recently discovered, Happy Clicks has a few fun games I’ll be keeping in mind for my kids.  The easy Colorful Train game allows your child to press keys on the keyboard to bring new pieces of the train into the photo.  There are fun sounds and movement to stimulate their brains.


Clock Time Game for Toddlers


Starfall Online

One of my friends in the What to Expect Mom’s community suggested I check out Starfall.  Since we’ve been working on time with Alex, I decided to try out Match Clocks. He loves it!  The navigation is simple and he is able to play the game by himself.  Unlike most of the other game sites, these take up most of the screen, keeping your child in the game instead of browsing the computer by accident.



These online coloring pages are easy for younger toddlers.   With cars, dinosaurs, mermaids, and even castles, there’s sure to be an image your child would have fun coloring!  Simply choose a color and click what area you want colored.  It will fill in, creating a nice image.  And the coolest part?  You can print the picture they colored!


Baby First TV

Since my oldest was 2, Baby First TV was a favorite in our house.  With relaxing and educational programming, the channel was appropriate for both him and his baby brother.  Stimulating programs caught the eye of the baby while big brother learned new words.  With online games, we are able to continue the education while having even more fun!  Games are available for both babies and toddlers, so you can pick something age appropriate.

Fun Game Websites for Toddlers


Have an addition for our list?  Please share it in the comments below with your favorite game!

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  1. My son was introduced to Starfall in Kindergarten at his school and he loves it. They’ve tried PBS, Nick Jr and Disney Junior and enjoy those, too! I need to show them the other ones you listed. Thanks for sharing at #merrymonday :)

  2. I bet my daughter would love some of these games! Thank you for sharing at #MerryMonday linky party.

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