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I first heard of Halo2Cloud a few weeks ago.  They have been featured on QVC and I was intrigued by the designs available on their portable power products.  After taking a few moments to browse their website, I found that they have quite an assortment of fun technology accessories that would make perfect gifts!

I received 5 products from Halo2Cloud to try.  I received the Halo Pocket Power 2800, Halo Pocket Power 5500, Magic Power Cube 3000, Scanner Mouse, and Retractable Bluetooth Earpiece.  Being a bit of a technology nerd, I really enjoy trying out products like this.  They are both practical but also fun!  




The Halo Pocket Power and Magic Power Cube are portable power chargers intended to recharge your small portable devices (phones, tablets, mp3 players, and more) while you are away from wall outlets.  Each of the chargers has its own cool feature!  The Magic Power Cube has built in car and wall plugs that fold in or out at your convenience.  The Pocket Power 5500 is slim and features built in MicroUSB and USB cables.  And last but not least, the Pocket Power 2800 is perfect size to slip in your pocket or purse when you are out.  Each charger comes with adapters to fit most models of phones but features a separate USB port to plug your own charging cords into.   If you are wondering what the numbers are all about; Pocket Power 2800, Pocket Power 5500…that is the amount of power that the charger can hold.  The iPhone 5 takes about 1440 maH of power meaning that the Pocket Power 2800 could recharge it almost twice!  All of the chargers were very easy to use and seemed to be quality made and durable.




The Scanner Mouse was definitely the product I was most curious to try.  I have had my fair share of scanning photos and documents with home flatbed scanners and large business scanners, so using a mouse and a mousepad to scan something was intriguing!  To use the Scanner Mouse, you will have to use the CD included or HaloScannerMouse.com to download drivers.  I am using a Macbook and it did take a while to complete.  Once installed, it was very easy to use.  I tested it with the first thing I could find – a sheet of Disney stickers.  While the quality of the scan was not perfect, I was very impressed with how easy and quick it was to scan the item.  All I had to do was slip the sticker page between the plastic and the black foam (mouse pad) and move the mouse back and forth over the page.  It reminded me of using a coin on a scratch off lottery ticket except way easier.  The scanner mouse is definitely useful for quickly scanning individual receipts and documents without taking up the space a large scanner does.

The last product I tried was the Retractable Bluetooth Earpiece.  Many states are passing laws against cell phone use in the car unless you are using a hands-free device.  Sometimes you just need to take or make a phone call and that earpiece comes in very useful!  This earpiece features a clip on receiver and a bluetooth enabled retractable earpiece.  If the cushion on the earpiece does not fit comfortably or wears out, there are two others in the box as well as a usb cable, car charger and neck strap.  While I prefer the more compact on-ear style instead, this one definitely gets the job done!  

While the Scanner Mouse may not be useful for everyone, I will have to say that the Bluetooth Earpiece and the Halo Pocket Power chargers are all products that come in very handy almost daily for a busy mom like myself.  The power chargers are definitely a must-have for moms.  I prefer to keep my phone charged up as much as possible when I am out incase of an emergency and these are just perfect.  Be sure to check out the other products that Halo2Cloud has available by checking out the links below.  One of my favorite things about Halo2Cloud is the variety of colors available – it definitely makes them a great gift item! 


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Family Centsability was not monetarily compensated for this post. A product sample was provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are our own.


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