KABOO’s stylish handbags protect your tablet (new Spring collection coming soon!)

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Hey, tech savvy moms!  I’ve found an awesome brand that you’re going to want to check out.  They’re called KABOO and I’m absolutely in love with their Watermelon colored Jenna Bag (review coming soon..I can’t wait!) but I’m equally as excited with their upcoming Spring 2015 collection!

So, you’re probably wondering…. what’s so awesome about these bags?  

KABOO bags are designed to protect your iPad (or similar sized tablet) while still maintaining designer level style!  Until now, I’ve really only seen bulky bags designed for large laptops, or bulky, manly backpacks.  KABOO has designed handbags you won’t be embarrassed to carry into work or a PTO meeting!  And best of all, inside is a shock absorbing pouch that features similar impact dispersion as a football shoulder pad.  I’m not a scientist, but that sounds pretty protective if you ask me.  But if you have doubts, take a look at their drop test video.

And guess what?  They bags are made of VEGAN Leather!  

To bring new styles into their online store, KABOO looking for support from the Kickstarter community!  They need your support by November 1st to make this campaign a success so I am sharing this with you to help make this happen for them.

For the first few days (starting October 3rd) you can pledge $49 to receive handbag #1 (the gorgeous white one!)  After the $49 pledge expires, the price will increase to $69.  These bags will be produced in February and arrive in March, just in time for Spring!

Head on over to KABOO’s Kickstarter Campaign and check out the details today!  

Remember, this campaign ends November 1st!  


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