Kelsyus Go With Me Chair: the chair that “grows” with your kids!



This past year, I took my boys to the State Fair parade and several family cookouts.  My toddler has his own fold up chair, but my youngest still needed sat in a high chair or held.  Well, trust me, this little little boy is a wiggler just like his big brother was, and it is hard to keep him still for very long in your arms.  He just wanted down to crawl and get into everything, which we couldn’t always allow where we were.  When I came across Kelsyus’ Go With Me Chair, I knew it was something I had to have!  

The Go With Me Chair is a portable, lightweight, indoor/outdoor chair that grows with your child.  The chair fits approximately age 3 months to 6 years or 75lbs.  The chair adjusts for three stages – infant sitting, infant standing and toddler/big kid sitting.  

Features include:

  • Five-point harness keeps baby safe and comfortable.
  • Removable snack/toy tray and sun canopy.
  • Cup holder and link loop holes to attach toys and pacifiers.
  • Indoor / outdoor fabric resistant to fading, stains, and mold.
  • Carry / storage bag included.
  • Cute green dot design. Also available with pink or blue dots.




The chair and accessories come folded up in a zip up carrying bag which is perfect when you have your hands full.  Everything fits really well in the bag meaning I don’t have to play Tetris trying to fit it back in when we are done using it.  When I unfolded the chair for the first time, I was amazed to find out how padded the chair was.  Most fold up children’s chairs are unpadded and seem uncomfortable, but this one is not.  The material feels durable and I have no doubt that it will last and be comfortable the entire first 6 years of a child’s life.  

As I unfolded the chair and snapped it in place, I noticed that in addition to the 4 legs, there are 4 additional anti-tip feet that touch the ground.  Since my son wiggles around, this gives him the added stability and me the added comfort in knowing that he will not tip himself over.  All of the metal pieces are strong and although they do add to the weight of the chair, they make it very sturdy.  The sun canopy was easy to snap in place and feels sturdy, much like the canopies on strollers.  

Stage 1 involves the use of the harness.  The removable five-point baby harness has a soft lining and simple buckles that are easy to use.  The harness is perfect for keeping my 11 month old from trying to find his way out of the chair.  The tray has two elastic bands that help to hold it in place as well as two slots on the bottom to slip over the chair arms.  In the middle is a mesh area to store snacks or toys for your little one.  On the arm, you will find a cup holder that is perfect size for a baby bottle or sippy cup – how cute is that?!  

Stage 2 includes one of my favorite features of the Go With Me Chair that I will not be able to take advantage of for too much longer.  This is intended for pre-walkers aged 6-12 months.  The flap on top of the seat can be removed to reveal two holes.  These leg holes allow your baby stand and stretch their legs rather than sit.  The seat supports your baby similarly to a walker or jumper, with material surrounding the leg area for comfort in any environment.  This “safety bucket” helps to protect your baby’s legs from bugs and grass.  

Once your child outgrows the harness and is ready to sit on their own, you are ready for Stage 3.   The seat goes back on and covers the leg holes, and the harness is removed, making it closer to a standard lawn chair, plus the extra features of course.

The only disappointment I have in this chair is that I am unable to angle the sun canopy back the least bit.  The canopy snaps in very easily but is only useful when the sun is slightly in front of the chair.  If the sun was behind the chair, or even straight over it, I would need to drape a blanket over the back of the canopy to protect my son from it.  For some, this may not be an issue, but my boys are very fair skinned and burn easily.  

Overall this is a great chair and will definitely make life easier when we are out with our kids!  This would make a great gift for parents who like taking their children camping, to family cookouts or even just to sit in their own backyard.   


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