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Educational toys that are fun but don’t require batteries are sometimes hard to come across these days.  A lot of kids would rather sit and watch tv or play a game on the iPad.  When I took a look at the toys Lakeshore Learning had to offer, I came across the Wild Animal Park and knew it would be perfect for my boys!  The set promotes imaginary play as well as questions such as “what does a Zebra eat?” 


The Wild Animal Park includes:

14 1/2″ tree with base

2 authentic looking logs

2 authentic looking rocks 

16 highly detailed animals


When my box arrived, I surprised at how heavy it felt.  I knew that this must mean the toys were made sturdy and durable…almost rubber-like.  As I opened each individually wrapped piece, I couldn’t help but admire the painted details and durability of the material.  The rocks looked just like real rocks and I almost did a double take, thinking that these were real rocks.  However, these “rocks” were made of the same durable rubber-like material as the rest of the pieces.   The only assembly required was the tree – it came in 5 pieces that were very easy to put together; no tools required.  It was so easy I think my toddler could have even figured it out! 



Although the Wild Animal Park is intended for ages 3-10, my 1 year old and 2.5 year old both had a blast playing with it!  My oldest pointed out every animal he already knew the name for and had fun pairing up the baby animals with their parent.  As he sat and played with the set, I could see his imagination at work.  One of my favorite things is that this set will last as they grow and develop new ways to play with the animals.  

I can see the Wild Animal Park being a part of our household for a long time to come!  For parents looking for more than just toys, Lakeshore Learning also has educational resources such as crafts and activities, printables and flash cards.  A fun one this holiday season is the Reindeer craft!  


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