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Do you have someone in your family who has to use files in multiple places, constantly burning discs to take to or from school or work?  Or perhaps a gamer, who plays Xbox or another console?  My husband is both, and that guided my thought process for one of his gifts this year.  My conclusion was the Lexar JumpDrive S33 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive.  

My husband already has a flash drive.  Instead of using it to transfer files back and forth, he has begun using it with his Xbox 360 to hold his saves, map packs, profiles, etc because he often plays on other people’s devices and it makes it easy to keep his info and use his profile wherever he goes.  But his current flash drive is a small capacity; he’s always complaining that it’s too full and he has to remove old content to make space for the new.  It’s also old and slow, making it an issue for loading when large files like maps are being loaded.  Getting the Lexar JumpDrive would allow him to use his old one for files again, and have a newer, bigger, faster one for his games.

I got the 32GB drive because that is the maximum flash drive storage the Xbox allows, but this USB 3.0 drive is available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.  It’s compatible with all USB, so if your device or computer doesn’t have 3.0, that’s OK.  He tested it out on his Mac and on a PC, and it was very fast to mount and unmount, and incredibly speedy to put data onto.  After a quick test, he copied all his data from his old USB to the console hard drive, then to the new USB drive.  It was done in just a couple of minutes, and he was ready to go!  His load time was noticeably faster for multiplayer games, and he is definitely happy with it.




Each drive is color coded to the storage capacity.  8GB is orange, 16GB is teal, our 32GB is green, and the 64GB is purple.  The body is made of plastic and is very light.  It honestly felt like it would be weak and cheap at first, but my husband played with it to see how much damage it could take, and it held up surprisingly well.  We were both surprised how durable it actually was, which is great since he often keeps it in his pocket or on his key ring and takes it with him places.  The USB connector is hidden inside the device, and pops out when you rotate the inner section of the drive, which keeps it clean from dust and debris.  

If you’re looking for gifts for this year and know a gamer, this might be a solid present idea.  Kids (and adults, as I’ve found!) love having game nights or parties, and being able to easily grab your JumpDrive and go, knowing all your data is available no matter where you play, is a definite perk!  It might also save parents from having their kids take the whole Xbox, risking a much larger device.  


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