Make this Christmas special with Bubble Guppies

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If your toddler loves Bubble Guppies as much as mine, they will be thrilled to find Bubble Guppies toys and games under the tree this year!  It has taken some time and shopping at different stores but I have been able to find quite a variety of their products.  I have found toys, bedding, t-shirts, furniture and books that recreate the episodes your children love.  Unfortunately I do not have the money to purchase every Bubble Guppies product I find but I have come up with a list of what I have found and where, to hopefully make your shopping a bit easier!

Bedding – Toys R Us and Walmart

Toys, Stuffed Animals – Toys R Us, Walmart

Books – Toys R Us

Puzzles – Toys R Us

DVDs – Walmart 

Flash Card Matching Game – Dollar General (it was just a dollar!) 

Furniture – (not in store as far as I could tell)

Potty Training Chair – Walmart 


You should also be able to find some merchandise online that was not available in stores.  I also found a wonderful sale on Zulily just a few days ago, so that’s a great place to keep an eye out!  They even had wall decals and a bunch of clothing I had never seen before!  Nick Jr.’s website,,, Bed Bath and Beyond and Ebay are among other places you may find Bubble Guppies products.  Target and Kmart have mentioned Bubble Guppies toys in coupons and ads but I have not yet had luck.  I imagine it varies from store to store though as I discovered with Walmart also.  

Nick Jr. has a Bubble Guppies printable Holiday Maze for your children too! 


2013 Holiday Gift Guide

Nick Jr’s Bubble Guppies was chosen to be included in our 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!  Are you looking for that perfect gift?  Check out the gifts on our list and you might find just what you were looking for! 



3 Responses to Make this Christmas special with Bubble Guppies

  1. My daughters love the Bubble Guppies! I bet they would enjoy this for a Christmas gift this year. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My youngest two love Bubble Guppies! Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Toys R Us for some puzzles & books for them soon.

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