The Mirari myPad Tablet (for infants and toddlers aged 12m+)

 Mirariv myPad Toddler Toy


We’ve all been there….you are trying to work (or browse Facebook) when those curious little fingers start to pry your tablet away from you.  As a mother of an 11 month old and 2 1/2 year old, I know this all too well.  They try to copy almost everything my husband and I do.  The Mirari myPad toy tablet allows those little fingers to explore and learn, without using an expensive tablet to do so.  


As listed on the Patch Products website, the myPad promotes:

  • Cognitive Learning
    Understanding the cause & effect relationship
  • Sensory Development
    Exploring with hands and eyes, experiencing sounds and lights
  • Imagination
  • Pretending toys are like grown-ups’ electronics


In the box, you will find the toy itself, with three 1.5 volt “AAA” replaceable batteries already inside and ready to go.  As little of a thing as that seems to be, it is a huge help for moms on Christmas morning.  I have not yet met a child who likes to open a toy then wait to play with it because there are no batteries.  All you have to do is switch the myPad on and play.  

When I first switched the myPad on, I did note that the low volume was a bit louder than I would prefer.  However, navigating the myPad is quite easy and my 11 month old loved pressing the buttons.  The analog screen consists of several boxes, each with a cute image of an animal or “first word” type object.  As you press the arrows, the selected box lights up on the screen.    The center button selects the current box and plays a sound or phrase to match the image.  It’s very similar to the typical toy cell phone, but provides a closer resemblance to mommy and daddy’s tablet, and gives a better learning experience by allowing baby to choose an image and connect the picture of a duck with the sound a duck makes.  


Mirari myPad Brothers Playing Together


It sounds simple, and it is, but it is absolutely perfect for a child who is old enough to emulate you even if they are too young for a real tablet or Leap Pad type device.  Our MyPad is going back in the box and will make a great Christmas present for our youngest this year!  


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  1. Ohhh that toy looks so nice .. I think my niece will have a pad for Xmas .. thanks for the idea I love ur blog

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