My kids built Avengers! (Build-A-Bear Review)

We found Marvel Avengers at the Build-A-Bear Workshop.. awesome!


Lately everything in our home has been Avengers.  We’ve got Alex zooming around in his Iron Man costume, Evan smashing blocks with his Hulk toy, and sound effects to match.  When we walked past our local Build-A-Bear and saw the Avengers bears, Alex and Evan begged to go look at them.  They knew we wouldn’t be buying any that day because we were on our way somewhere, but they definitely had hopes of coming back soon.  Revisiting Build-A-Bear to make Iron Man and Hulk was the perfect surprise birthday trip for Alex’s 4th birthday!

I want to note that I had never stepped foot in a Build-A-Bear workshop previously.  I had passed one several times since it sits in a busy part of the local mall, but had no idea how much fun I was missing out on!

(A little history:  When she was 10 years old, Maxine Clark thought up the idea and Build-A-Bear opened their first store in 1997 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Now there are over 400 stores worldwide!)


My boys were so excited to see the Marvel Avengers display at Build A Bear!


As soon as you walk in the store, you’ll see bears to choose from, along with outfits and accessories galore.  We were greeted by a friendly employee who made sure we were able to find what we were looking for. The workshop is very organized and easy to browse.  At the time of our visit, the Avengers bears and accessories were up front and center, displayed in full costume.  Below them the themed outfits and accessories were on hangers, easy to pick and choose from.


The Avengers Collection at Build A Bear includes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk - so much fun!


Once the boys picked out their bears, costumes, and sounds/heartbeat, we headed over to the stuffing station.  Kids are involved in every process of making the bear, even filling the bear with fluff! The workshop was not busy so we only had to wait a moment until it was our turn.  While the employee carefully held the Iron Man bear in place, Alex was able to use a foot pedal to pump the stuffing into his bear.  He was so excited to be a part of the process!  Once the bear was stuffed, the employee tied the strings on the bear’s back and handed him over so my grinning little boy.  Evan, my tiny little 2 1/2 year, old was next.  I was concerned that he was too little to participate very much, but he was able to do everything Alex did and enjoyed every minute of it!


My 2 and 4 year old were so excited to build Avengers at Build-A-Bear!


After stuffing the bears, we headed over to the dressing room which I thought was a pretty adorable idea!  Alex and Evan (with our help) suited up Iron Man and Hulk and got to playing with them right away.  So now after picking out the bears, stuffing and dressing them, we only had one more thing left to do – name them!  At the computer station we scanned our bears’ tags, put in our basic information, and named the bears.  Hulk became Hulk Smash at Evan’s request, and Alex’s Iron Man bear became Iron Man Thor Flag.  Birth Certificates printed off at the front desk and we were able to check out.


Build-A-Bear is perfect for toddler and young kids'  birthdays - even boys!


The entire visit went smoothly and was a lot of fun!  Alex and Evan had so much fun and have been showing off their bears ever since!  Hulk Smash and Iron Man Thor Flag have held up to being taken everywhere, slept with in bed, and handled toddler-style, so I am quite happy about the quality.

As a mom on a budget, I would advise taking a look online before your visit so you can be prepared.  Extra accessories and clothing are so much fun and hard to resist, so we have decided that Alex and Evan can pick something new on special occasions.  We will probably even book a birthday party with their friends in a year or two!

So which bear are you excited to go build with your kids?  An Avenger?  A Minion?  My Little Pony?  A classic pup or sheep?  There are so many options!!!


Disclosure:  We were provided a complimentary product in return for an honest review.

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  1. My daughter went to Build a Bear for the first time recently and had such a good experience!!! I saw those Avenger bears there and loved them. So cute!

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