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Portable power banks are a great way to ensure you have power to your device when you need it most


Summertime is full of vacations, road trips, visits to the park, and more.  As a whole, our society has become quite dependent on mobile devices.  Nearly anywhere you go, you’ll see someone with a cell phone or tablet out.  As a mom, I’ve really come to depend on my iPhone.  Whether it’s for photos, keeping track of appointments, or just to have a safety net incase the car breaks down, my phone is always with me.

But what happens when your cell phone or tablet is low on power right when you need (or want) it?  What about when your child is about to step up to bat at their first t-ball game and bam…your phone dies right as you want to snap a photo.

Or what about when you are in a more dangerous situation?  

Last winter, my sister in law was driving on the interstate in the snow.  As the conditions become worse, she lost control as her car slid off the road and flipped into the ditch.  I can remember the concern and worry in my husband’s eyes as he talked to his mother on the phone.  They were unsure where exactly she was, just a brief idea based on the 3 1/2 hour drive between their house and ours.  My sister in law was scared, alone, and her phone was almost dead.  She had enough battery to call 911 and quickly text her mother.  Fortunately she did not have any major injuries!  But if she had a power bank, she could have had comfort in being able to talk to family while she was waiting for the emergency vehicle.

myCharge has created several portable chargers to provide power when you need it.  Two of their chargers caught my eye: the Transit and the XTMAX.  Both feature built-in wall prongs which is a must-have with as many cords as we already have to keep track of in my house.  Other great features of both are the built-in LED battery indicator and pass through charging technology – you can recharge your power bank as you charge your mobile device!


myCharge makes the most convenient portable chargers!  Love the built in wall prongs and ac adapter!


myCharge XTMAX – 6000 mAh (available at Home Depot)

As I unpackaged the my Charge XTMAX, I was immediately impressed with the durable design.  It is resistant to dirt and drops (and I imagine light splashes of water will not do much harm either).  While the charger feels sturdy, it is not overly bulky due to a high density battery.  I can slip it into my shoulder bag and go on my way without my bag being weighed down.

The XTMAX contains 6000 mAh.  What does this mean?  It will generally add about 27 hours of talk time.  I have an iPhone 4s which holds 1432 mAh in it’s built in battery.  The XTMAX can fully recharge my phone about 4 times, or recharge 4 separate iPhones one time each.  I could even charge my iPad if necessary!

With two USB ports, this portable charger can power two devices at once.  Whether it is plugged into the wall at home or you’re in the baseball stands with no outlet in sight, you will be able to power both your phone and your teenager’s while she continues texting her friends.


With two USB ports, the myCharge XTMAX can power two cell phones at once.  Plus it's durable and shock/dirt resistant - perfect for parents with young kids or teens.



myCharge Transit – 2600 mAh (available at Home Depot and Meijer stores) 

I have to admit, the Transit powerbank is a favorite of mine.  Although it only has 2600 mAh compared to the XTMAX’s 6000, the built in AC car adapter is pretty cool!  Not only can it charge in a regular wall outlet, but it can charge in your car as well.  I took advantage of this over the last weekend on a 4 hour drive to a wedding.  Our old AC adapter wouldn’t cooperate so I pulled out the Transit and was able to power our old Tom Tom GPS!  The GPS was able to navigate us when we were in the middle of no where (with no cell signal..bummer!)

The Transit has one USB port so it is perfect as a personal power bank.  I like to keep it in my purse for day trips.  You just never know when you’ll need a boost of power, and the built in prongs/ac adapter ensure that you’ll be able to recharge no matter where you are.


myCharge has several power banks to provide a power "outlet" when you need it most


Both chargers I tried from myCharge have great features.  As I mentioned before, the built in prongs really caught my eye.  I have seen this on few chargers out there and it saves me from adding more cables to keep track of.  The durability and high capacity of the XTMAX make it ideal for those with children.  The built in ac adapter makes the Transit perfect for..well, just about anyone!

If a built-in Lightning cable or an LED flashlight are more along your lines of needs in a charger, myCharge has that too.  They even have a charger with 9000 mAh (that’s 40 hours of talk time!)  Check out their selection – you’ll be sure to find a charger that suits your needs!




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  1. Oh I really like the idea of this. I’ve been out with a dead phone and no way to charge it, and I have been out taking photos at soccer and then the camera just dies. UGH. Great invention.

  2. And this gets filed under the “I wish I thought of it first” folder :) What a great item. My phone always breaks down when I’m at conferences and I end up standing the corner wall waiting for it to charge. Thanks for sharing this, I’ll definitely look for it.

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