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 Adorable kids' hats from Neon Eaters


Every year I struggle to find unique gifts for my friends and family.  Often, they have the same problem.  Just last year, we had to exchange 3 gifts for my sons because they were toys we also had purchased for them.  This made me want to search for unique gifts that won’t be duplicates for my children, friends, and family as I shop this year.  Gifts they will enjoy and remember for years to come.  When I came across Neon Eaters, I knew I had found just that! 

When I visited Neon Eaters’ online store, the first products I saw were the hats.  With 9 to choose from (and a set of earmuffs that look like headphones) there is quite a variety of styles.  The two I was most interested in for my sons were the “Hero” Beanie and the “Lumberjack” Beanie.  My boys are 1 year old and 2 ½ years old and both LOVE to wear hats.  By love, I mean that my oldest even tries to get us to let him wear his favorite Winnie the Pooh winter hat to bed with him.  

I received both styles of beanies in size small.  The size is intended for ages 1-4 but I found that small was a bit tight on my 2 ½ year old.  He seemed a bit uncomfortable at first when wearing the hats, but I stretched them a bit by hand and he seemed a lot happier afterwards, asking me to switch them back and forth on him as he played.  It took him a while to get used to both hats since he is used to hats sitting above his eyes and off of his face, but once we showed him how he looked in the mirror, he had so much fun wearing them! 

The beanies are clearly durable and well made which is great for my rough toddlers.  My youngest thinks it’s necessary to chew on everything while my oldest pulls it away from him, but I know that these hats will stand up to their roughness.  The beard on the Lumberjack beanie is removable with Velcro, which is great when my son gets too warm.  Both hats look just as they did on the website and were just as I expected. 


Cute socks from Neon Eaters


Neon Eaters also has a cute selection of socks for kids and adults!  I received the “Leopard” Pink Knee Socks and “Polkadot” Navy Knee Socks.  They are tall enough to keep your legs warm yet stretchy and comfortable enough to wear all day long.  I have received socks as a stocking stuffer for as long as I can remember from my mother and I have continued to carry that out as a fun thing with my friends and new family members.  They definitely won’t be disappointed with these cute socks! 

Check out Neon Eaters for the perfect unique gift, keeping them warm while making warm memories!  


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