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My family loves tea.  With the exception of my husband, who for some reason can’t stand it, everyone in both our families prefer tea over pretty much any other drink there is.  So it makes sense that we all have cabinets messy with half full tea boxes and piles of lost and lonely tea bags.  I’ve written before about how my husband and I are trying to transition from that college and traveling lifestyle into a more clean, organized, and ‘adult’ looking home, and this mess in our cabinets just wasn’t working.  So guess how excited was I when I found the YouCopia TeaStand?!

YouCopia makes products that keep your kitchen organized.  Their line includes coffee and tea organizers, clean looking spice racks, and even a medicine stand.  The TeaStand is a self-standing rectangular box that has twelve clear, removable bins, each the perfect size for tea bags.  Six bins fit on each side of the stand, which can be stood in any cabinet to keep your tea in place, easy to get to, and easy to see so you never grab the wrong flavor.  In case there is a spill or they just get dirty over time, the bins can be removed and washed in the dishwasher.




I put the TeaStand up in our cabinets and my husband was instantly happy to have it.  He hates tea, but he also hates having to move piles of my tea around to get to things or organize!  It holds over 100 tea bags, so it was easily able to hold entire boxes of each flavor I had, and then some.  When company comes over, which is happening more and more often as the holidays draw near, the TeaStand can be placed on the counter or table for easy access.  It looks great, with crisp and clean lines and a two sided, very organized appearance.  The bright green accent on a clean white stand make it a nice looking addition to the kitchen and it has already gotten a number of comments from our guests!

Being organized is never a bad thing, and when it comes to items you use every day, like tea bags, the real question is ‘how did I NOT have this organized for so long!?’ The TeaStand from YouCopia solved our problems and is used every day.  This would make an absolutely perfect and completely unique gift for any tea drinkers in your family.  Don’t have tea drinkers?  Check out YouCopia’s spice racks, or their coffee stands made to organize various capsules for Keurigs and other coffee machines.


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