Our Top 5 Favorite LEGO Sets for 4-6 Year Olds

Top 5 LEGO Sets for 4-6 year olds - saving this list!


LEGO building has become a favorite pastime in our house and I am having a blast joining in with the kids as well! But it can be hard transitioning from the DUPLO blocks to LEGO sets. You want something fun but not overly frustrating for you and your child to build. I have a 3 year old and 4 1/2 year old and here are a few that we love!


LEGO Juniors Fire Suit Case

My little boys got this for Christmas and can’t get enough of it.  There is so much imagination to be found with this set!  Containing two vehicles (helicopter and motorcycle), and two people (one male, one female), this set is a great place to start if you have more than one child.  Plus it comes in a cool little suitcase to hold all the pieces!

LEGO Juniors Family House

Every LEGO loving child needs a home for their people.  This easy-to-build house is adorable and contains several accessories your kids will have fun with, including a family pet!

LEGO Creative Building Sets

These boxes contains everything to make your wildest LEGO building dreams come true and vivid colors to make it come to life.  Visit LEGO.com/classic to find building ideas or check out our Pinterest board for other cool creations!

LEGO Mighty Micros

I couldn’t pick just one to include because they’re all amazing.  Each set contains two superheroes and two vehicles.  These are small enough to rebuild without much effort but will provide hours of fun.

LEGO Juniors Construction

Building, knocking things down…it’s a kid’s dream come true!  This affordable little set comes in a storage container and contains several construction themed items to keep your little builder entertained.



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