How to make Low-Fat Cupcakes (that taste amazing!)

Low fat cupcake recipe


My son’s 2nd birthday is just around the corner – yikes!  There is so much party planning to do and I am trying to get everything in order as early as I can.  But, as a new mom, I am still trying to watch my weight, and we all know how healthy cake is for us, right? ;)   

So I headed over to Pinterest in search of a low-fat cupcake recipe

Crazy enough, I kept seeing the idea to replace oil and eggs with diet soda.  Seriously!  That’s all it takes to reduce the amount of fat and calories significantly, and the cupcakes still turn out amazingly moist and delicious!  They’re practically guilt-free!  Another bonus to this recipe is that the elimination of eggs makes the uncooked mix much safer for you or your children to taste.  My son was so excited to help me clean off the mixer for the first time.

If you’d like to view this as a recipe and read more about our experience making these cupcakes, please click below.  Please note, others have shared this idea before and I cannot locate where it originated, so I am simply sharing with my readers to give them a new twist on their typical cupcake recipe! 


View our full low-fat cupcake recipe made with no eggs or oil!







14 Responses to How to make Low-Fat Cupcakes (that taste amazing!)

  1. What an amazing discovery! I love that you use baby bottles for measuring. I wonder if seltzer water would work as well? I love the low cal option but don’t care for the sugar free taste. What do you think?

    • I know some have used orange or grape sodas to add flavor to their cake mix but I imagine this would work just as well and help maintain the actual flavor of the cake mix. Let me know if you get a chance to try it and how it works out for you!

  2. Those look and sounds soooo yummy! And what cutie pies you have there. All of my kids have birthdays this month and next. I might have to try my hand at these cupcakes!


  3. My daughter and I bought this weird camo cake mix the other day and I’ve been dreading it! Now I can make it a little healthier this way! We’ll see how it goes with diet sprite! I have made pineapple cake and apple cake by using yellow cake mix and a can of pineapple or apple filling. So it might be the same thing but totally not low-fat!

    • Good luck with it! I’ve never tried one of the camo, tie-dye or animal print ones..they intimidate me lol Hope it all goes well!

    • No, I have not tried any other liquid substitutions to make cupcakes. I imagine it should work just the same with non-diet soda, natural sodas, or perhaps even applesauce, which is a common substitute for oil. I made brownies a few weeks ago where I substituted the oil with applesauce and they turned out great – no one had a clue! You can also substitute chia seeds (soaked in water) for eggs but I am not sure of the exact substitution since I have not tried it yet. Let me know how it goes if you try something else – I would love to find out how other liquids work with cake mix!

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