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With two kids aged two and under in the house, we have been looking for a play mat with roads on it to encourage pretend play with their cars.  Our playroom isn’t ready yet, so we needed something light and easy to move around, but durable and able to hold up to two very active kids.  We found our bright and colorful mat in the Prince Lionheart playMAT Plus.

The playMAT Plus is a light weight, sturdy, and cushioned playmat.  Measuring five feet eight inches by five feet, it is a great size because it does not take up the entire play area.  The mat feels like it is made of a rubbery foam core with a sturdy nylon exterior, but the materials are not listed on the packaging or labels, so I’m not positive what it is actually made with, though it is labeled as non-toxic.  It is water-resistant and cleanable by wiping or using a small amount of water and dish soap.  That takes a lot of the worry out of the equation – you don’t have to worry whether the mat will last through spills or spit up, and the soft core provides cushion for falls.




Now for the fun part: each mat is double sided.  All mats have a city laid out with streets, trees, cars, people, and buildings, making it a fun place to ‘drive’ their little cars around.  There are currently three options for the opposite side.  The first is an ocean view, with fish, sharks, a whale, octopus, and a ship and sailboat on the surface.  There are plenty of colorful and fun looking items to look at, and the variety means you can teach your child to recognize, find, and name each animal.

The second option is an ABC mat.  This design is split into blocks for each letter of the alphabet.  Each block is a different color, and has a letter of the alphabet inside.  A fun depiction of an animal matching the letter is in the box, all with alliterative names like “Army Ant” and “King Kangaroo.”

The third option is the mat I chose, the farm landscape.  This design has an entire farm, including fields, animals, barns, windmills, people, and tools.  I chose this one because it seemed the most bright and colorful, which is great for my youngest who just turned one.  His older brother loves naming all the animals, telling us what noises they make, and making his cars drive around on the farm too! 

Both kids love playing on the mat, and they go back and forth flipping it over so they can play on each side.  There are only a couple things of note to mention: first, the mat is very lightweight.  This is a good thing, but it means that even my youngest can flip it over and drag it around – it doesn’t stay put.  Second, it comes rolled up in a sleeve, meaning the ends will roll up when you first put it on the floor.  I found that if you take it out, roll it the opposite direction, and put it back in the sleeve for a while, it will stop rolling up as much.  This step is important because when it rolls up, the kids tripped over it constantly while playing.

Overall I am glad we went with the playMAT Plus from Prince Lionheart, and our kids are definitely happy with it.   This will make the perfect gift for anyone who needs a soft play mat for a new baby, a fun mat for toddlers, or even a lightweight and versatile picnic mat for the park!  


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