Printing Practice for Kids: Colors

Printing practice for kids - Colors


Was your toddler excited when they started learning the names of colors?  Mine sure was!  We make it a game every day when I prepare our breakfast and I let Alex choose which color of dish he will use.  Most times he chooses green or orange, but occasionally he surprises me with a different color!

Recently Alex started getting excited about our Spot It! games (for ages 3 and up).  Pointing out the colors, shapes, numbers, and letters on the cards, he was able to tell me what each was, as well as pick out the two that were the same. The next step for Alex is learning how to spell and write out the color names!

I have created this free printable as a fun way for you to work with your child on writing the color names. Handwriting will become clearer as your child traces the letters, and over time, they will even learn to recognize the words!

If you would like to challenge your child further, print this in black and white to remove the color from the words.


Words included on Printing Practice: Colors: 


Simply go here to print this free Printing Practice sheet

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