Protecting your privacy on Pinterest

Protect your privacy on Pinterest with these 5 easy steps!


As a mother, I have learned that my family’s privacy is more important than ever.  When I think of protecting myself on “social media” I often think of Facebook, where it is so easy to share personal information through status updates and photos.  Pinterest is often overlooked!

Here are some tips to keep in mind regarding your privacy on the site:


1. Create Secret boards

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen real estate listings in my Pinterest newsfeed.  These pins are public and anyone can see them if they search the right keywords on Pinterest.  I have a hard time feeling safe putting that kind of information out there on the internet for just anyone to see.  If I am house hunting, I will create a secret board that only I and select others can view.

If you are pregnant and looking for baby room decor ideas but have not yet let everyone know the news, you can create a secret board for this as well.  Secret boards can be used for just about anything you want.  Pin from outside sources or repin to these boards as much as you want, but only those you invite will see them.


2. Keep your profile simple

Do not share personal information on your profile.  It is not necessary to share your kids’ names and birthdays.  This allows strangers to know detailed information about your family that they really don’t need to know.  As far as I know, there is no way to block anyone from following you on Pinterest, allowing anyone to see those personal details.


3. Search Privacy

Google is allowed to show your profile unless you turn on search privacy.  This adds a tag to your profile page telling Google not to show it in search results.  Keep in mind that this may take a few weeks since it will not apply until Google reindexes the page.  Since my Pinterest account is public for my blog, I have turned off search privacy.  If you search Google for Family Centsability, you will likely see a link to my Pinterest profile.  If I turn on search privacy, this will be removed once Google has reindexed the page.  However, again, I must remind you that anyone can still view your profile through Pinterest.  However, it will no longer appear in Google’s search results.


4. Do not link to timeline or Tweet pins

In Pinterest’s Privacy settings for social networks, you can choose to have your Pinterest activity posted to your Facebook timeline.  You can also choose to share your pins on Facebook and Twitter each time you pin or re-pin.  Avoiding this information being shared on Facebook and Twitter further protects your privacy on Pinterest.


5.  Bookmark Pinterest

It has been common practice for hackers to secure passwords by imitating the emails of websites, providing a link within the email to log in.  They will then have access to your password, also giving them access to any information you have protected through secret boards.



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