Quick & Easy Peanut Butter, Honey, and Chia Toast

Quick & Easy Peanut Butter, Honey, and Chia Toast

 Quick & Easy Comfort Food: Peanut Butter, Honey, and Chia Toast


As beautiful as it is outside, the negative temperatures, even crazier wind chills, and snow outside have caused me an exhausting week so far.  As a mom of two toddlers, I don’t get “snow days” like I did way-back-when.  This weather means we are cooped up inside, making as few trips to the store as possible and eating what we already purchased before the winter storm.  Today the boys were extra ornery…or maybe as any other day but mommy was a little crazy from being cooped up so much too!  At the end of the day, I just needed a little comfort snack.  Something tasty, maybe a bit bready but still healthy.  One of my favorite go-to comfort food snacks has always been toast with a little bit of peanut butter and honey.  Tonight I decided to make it a bit healthier by adding chia seeds! 

Chia seeds have so many benefits that I don’t even know where to start.  They are the most concentrated source of Omega-3 fatty acids, having even more than salmon.  Chia seeds absorb 10-12 times their weight in water and are also a great source of fiber, both of which make you feel full faster.  They are great for lowering blood pressure and regulating blood sugar levels.  And the benefits just keep going and going… 

One of my favorite things about chia seeds is how easy they are to add to your diet.  You can eat them raw (I have not yet tried this) or add them to just about anything, including smoothies and breakfast bars.  As you can imagine, chia seeds are a bit crunchy.  When I added them to my peanut butter and honey toast, I really could not notice or taste them at all.  The seeds just crunched along with my toast, making my go-to comfort food as comforting as it always has been, giving me the relaxing moment I needed!  





What you need:


Peanut Butter


Chia Seeds



How to make this comfort food:

  1. Toast your bread. 
  2. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the toast.  
  3. Drizzle a little bit of honey on each slice then spread evenly.
  4. Sprinkle chia seeds on top.  Add as few or as many as you would like!  





Make it even healthier

Want to make this recipe even healthier?  Use an English Muffin rather than toast.   


Have suggestions?  Variations or ideas?  Please leave them in the comment section below! 


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    • I heard about them a few years ago when my father turned into a “health nut” butnaturally I ignored what he had to say because they just sounded gross to me. Now that health has become a big deal in our family with my husband’s recent heart attack, I’m trying to do what I can to incorporate healthy things into our diet without making it actually feel like we are eating way differently. They really aren’t gross like I thought they’d be, lol..thank goodness! :)

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