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January 22 – UPDATE for iPhone Users Over the past few months our panelists have made some wonderful recommendations to enhance our app for the iPhone.  At this time, we are going to stop supporting our iPhone app as we work to implement some exciting changes. To thank you for your past participation, we will be rewarding you with a $10 Tango Card as your last incentive for this device (details will be sent to you shortly via email).

So be on the lookout for the app to return to iPhone but remember, this only affects iPhones.  The app will still be available for other devices!  


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I joined Media Insiders two months ago and I have been receiving $5 every month by doing absolutely nothing! I just installed the app on my phone and I let it run in the background while I sleep at night.  Easy!!! You can have up to 3 supported devices connected with Media Insiders, tripling how much you make!  Devices supported are: Android smartphones, Android tablets, Kindle Fire, iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Sign up to be a Media Insider Panelist and you can choose to earn up to $60 each year per device (that’s $180 per year!) from Tango Card™ for installing, activating and consistently running the MI Mobile app for a minimum of 20 days per month or choose to be entered into two sweepstakes: the monthly $100 Tango Card, and the quarterly $10,000 Grand Prize Sweepstakes.  

Once you receive your Tango gift card, you can use that gift card to convert to your choice of gift card or cash.  Recently, I converted another $5 Tango dollars to a $5 Amazon gift card that I have already applied to my Amazon account.  Time to go shopping! 



Like I mentioned before, I just run the app at night while I sleep and my phone is plugged in – my husband didn’t think the app ran down his battery but mine seemed to drain a little faster.  That’s easy enough for some extra money, right?!  Remember, you can download this app on up to 3 devices and earn up to $180/year!!! 

You can run the Media Insiders app on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android phones or Android tablets.



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