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As a parent, we have all had that moment when we wish we could tote around less stuff.  A trip out with a newborn means bottles, clothes, diapers, blankets, blankets, and more blankets – let’s face it, between keeping baby warm and keeping mommy and daddy throw-up free, blankets can add up quickly!  As baby grew, we used a blanket for warmth, a blanket for messes, and a blanket or a seat cover for carts, especially when the only carts available are cold or wet.  If only there had been something available to do more than one job at once!

With our second baby here and growing quickly, we began looking for products to reduce what we take out. With a newborn and an 18 month old in the middle of winter, we just had too much to drag along.  What we found was the Babee Covee from Babee Designs.  This soft and warm blanket does double duty as a baby blanket and cover.  With a variety of colors, multiple fabric choices, and a number of uses, the Babee Covee is perfect for our needs.

The Babee Covee we received is blue and brown, and is a soft “minky” fabric on both sides.  Also available are blankets with one side minky and one side cotton and a lightweight Covee that is entirely cotton. The fabric is high quality and the color is very bright and even throughout.  The design of the Babee Covee is a square blanket with an openable flap in the center and two velcro straps on either side of the flap.

While the Covee is great as a blanket, the center flap allows you to put it over the baby car seat and still be able to grip the handle.  The flap is large enough to put over your head like a sarape as a comfortable nursing cover or to protect your clothing while burping the baby. Put the blanket over a shopping cart or high chair seat and your child’s legs go straight through the flap for a warm, comfortable and clean seat.  This is very helpful when your little one is teething and wants to chew on the shopping cart – a clean blanket is much better for chewing on than a dirty metal bar.

We have made use of the Babee Covee for both children already.  When going out to eat (and sometimes at home with messy foods) we use it as a washable high chair cover for our older son Alex.  When going out in the cold, it drapes over the carseat handle for our newborn, Evan, without any worry that the blanket will slide off or blow away. The straps next to the flap are particularly helpful, keeping the blanket in place on the cart or chair, and keeping it on the car seat in very windy weather.  It is so soft that we have even been using it for tummy time with Evan.  The minky fabric is much softer and more comfortable than the carpet or his other baby blankets.

I would definitely recommend the Babee Covee to any new parents out there.  The design and concept are both simple, but the end result does wonders to remove those little frustrations when taking baby out of the house.  Check out Baby Covee’s products for yourself, and like their Facebook page to receive $5 off and enter to win their monthly giveaway!


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