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My toddler may be 16 months old but as new parents, my husband and I are still learning a thing or two about baby products.  With another baby due in just 5 weeks, we have plenty of time to keep trying out new bath products to decide what we love and want to continue to use for our children and of course recommend to others.   Right now there is a baby boom happening around me – in my family alone, there are five of us due with babies in the same month.  

Baby Magic has been a trusted brand since 1951, so I thought I would give it a try myself!  To be honest, I have seen Baby Magic in stores several times but never tried it since I had received other brands at my baby shower.  To complete a review of Baby Magic, I was sent 4 products: Blossoms Gentle Hair & Body Wash, Blossoms Gentle Baby Lotion, the new No-Rinse Wash and Diaper Rx.  

I almost immediately had a chance to try Diaper Rx.  My son does not get diaper rash too often but it does pop up occasionally and it was just one of those days.  Diaper Rx comes in the original Baby Magic scent, which is one of those scents that is hard to describe but is pleasant and calming.  The cream treats and prevents diaper rash, chaffed skin and minor skin irritations.  The issue we had at hand was diaper rash so I smoothed some cream on the affected area of my son and put a clean diaper on him before his nap.  The cream smoothed on so easily that I realized I had squeezed out too much and had to wipe the excess on a baby wipe.  After my son took a nice long nap (it seems those are rare these days!) I changed his diaper and looked at the area to see if there was any improvement yet.  The little pink spots seemed to be clearing up already!  Perfect!

Next, I gave the Blossoms Gentle Hair & Body Wash a try.  The apple scented wash is a hypoallergenic pH balanced formula enriched with vitamins and aloe.  It is intended to help preserve moisture and is dermatologist tested.  The Blossoms Hair & Body Wash is easy to use.  Simply lather onto your baby with a soft wash cloth as you would with most other soaps.  It can be used on both the hair and body, which is nice since I don’t have a lot of space around the tub for extra bottles to sit around.  After he had a chance to play and get some energy out, I lathered the soap on my son’s hair and body.  The wash was easy to use – just pump onto your hand and lather on.  The soap produced some but not too many suds and had a nice, fresh, apple scent which I liked.  The scent was not overpowering like some but still lingered for a while, keeping my son smelling clean for quite a while.  

We have not used many lotions on my son since he was born.  He does not often get very dry skin, so we have tried to eliminate using extra products when they were unnecessary.  However, with the dry winter weather coming up, we decided to try the Blossoms Gentle Baby Lotion.  The lotion has the same fresh apple scent that the Blossoms Hair & Body Wash had so it was perfect to apply immediately after his bath.  One pet peeve I have of lotions is greasiness but the Gentle Baby Lotion absorbed into his skin quickly and did not leave my hands feeling greasy either.  While we will probably only use the lotion from time to time, I enjoyed the scent and lack of greasiness, and who knows, maybe I will even use it for myself! 

The last product to try was the No-Rinse Wash.  The rinse reminded me of the foaming Germ-X that you just squeeze onto your hand, rub in and are done.  All you have to do is squeeze the foamy wash onto your hands, rub it on your baby and pat dry.  There is no need for water and no need to rinse it away.  The No-Rinse Wash comes in the same classic Baby Magic scent as Diaper Rx and leaves your little one smelling fresh and clean with that nice, clean baby smell.  We will probably stick to regular baths around home but the No-Rinse Wash may come in handy, stored in the diaper bag for on-the-go.   

Overall, I liked the Baby Magic products.  With pleasant but not overpowering scents, the products are suitable for both a newborn and my toddler.  While I may use some products more than others due to personal preference, I was not disappointed in any of them.  Baby Magic will definitely continue to remain a family trusted product even with new products and new scents.  


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