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With an 18 month old at home and a new baby on the way, my husband and I knew we needed a new diaper bag.  Don’t get me wrong, our old bag was great, but wear and tear aside, it was only enough for one child, not two.  Thus began our journey to find a diaper bag that looked manly enough for my husband to enjoy, functional enough for both of us, and actually fit all the items we need to cart around with us.

Enter the Daddy Diaper Pack from DaddyScrubs.  This diaper bag looks like a normal black, full size backpack.  You could easily use this pack for school or a trip without anyone noticing it’s actually a diaper bag, which is what we were aiming for.  



Now, down to business…the functionality of the backpack.

With multiple compartments and pockets and pouches, there are plenty of places to separate and organize your items.  At the back of the pack is a thin full size compartment, just the right size for a changing pad, travel case of wipes, and diapers.  In front of that is a large full size compartment.  This is where the bulk items are kept, from clothes and blankets to toys, lotions, and any other decent sized items.

The front of the bag has three zippered pouches, straps for anything from shoes to toys or wet clothes, and mesh pockets on both sides.  The top pouch is fleece lined, which makes it great for delicate items like glasses, phones, or in our case jars of baby food.  The second pouch is larger and contains multiple slots and a mesh bag to organize mommy and daddy’s items.  The bottom pouch is insulated for bottles, cups, or food that needs to keep its temperature.



The shoulder straps are well padded and joined near the top to form a handle, which is convenient and comfortable.  My only complaint is the lack of dividers or slots to further organize the main large area.  With one large area, you have to dig through all your items to get to what you need, which is somehow always at the bottom.  This is not made easier by the full pouches on the front of the bag, which extend into the main compartment.  I have seen other similar bags that alleviate this by having the main compartment unzip all the way to the bottom, so you can access items from the side.

If the main compartment was addressed in some way, either by making the pouches self contained or extending the zipper, the bag would be absolutely perfect.  The quality of materials and construction is great, and I will admit if we only had one baby, the space and compartment issues would not be as big of a problem, however, we tend to stuff our diaper bag with everything we could possibly need.  If you only have one baby, or you are planning to have two separate bags for your kids, I highly recommend this bag to be one of them, especially if daddy will be carrying it! 

The DaddyScrubs Diaper Pack has been daddy approved!  



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