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Brr!!! It is starting to get chilly outside… but you know what the great part of that is??? I get to pull out my cute winter clothing, which includes my comfy, warm boots!  Last year was a mild winter and I barely wore my boots, so I am able to wear them out this year looking brand new.  We all know that guys complain when us women have too many shoes…so what do you do when you want to change your boot style without buying another pair?  Hugrz Boot Wraps allow you to make leather boots warmer, make short boots appear taller, and they allow you to just change up the style of any pair of boots, making it almost as if you had two (or three, or ten) pairs instead of the one. 

Hugrz Boot Wraps have been seen on stars on Gossip Girl, True Blood, High School Musical and several other TV shows and movies.  They are composed of products made primarily in the USA (although the faux suede and faux fur are imported).  Hugrz are meant to fit boots up to 12? circumference and up to 14? tall.  Hugrz Boot Wraps sent me two pairs and an accessory to conduct my review.  I received the Toggle Sand Fair Isle, Fancy Striped Mink and Black Crisscross Suede Lacing. 



First I tried the Fancy Striped Mink on my shorter pair of black boots.  My boots are made of faux suede and are lined with faux fur so they already have a bit of warmth and padding to them, making the Hugrz more for style than function.  The Fancy Striped Mink Hugrz were snug to pull on which is great since you don’t want them sliding around, looking loose.  Once I pulled them on, I tried to pull them down as they are in the photos on the Hugrz Boot Wraps website but did not have much success.  Perhaps as I wear them in, they will cooperate a little better.  For now, they are limp near the top and have slight lumps where the boot ends and the Hugrz continue.  The black and caramel colored mink pattern looks great with my black boots and definitely gives them a new look.  I also tried them on my taller brown boots to see how they looked.  The boots filled the entire height of the Hugrz and definitely fit better…and the colors matched great as well! 



Next I tried the pair that I was most looking forward to; the Toggle Sand Fair Isle.  I absolutely loved this set the minute I saw it – the sweater pattern is adorable!  The light cream with sand, brown and chestnut colors looks great on a brown boot.  This pair of Hugrz was a little easier to slide onto the boots since they have a bit more stretch, but were still pretty snug.  Once slid onto the boots, I adjusted them to give them a little bit of a shrug look around the middle and they definitely cooperated better than the Fancy Striped Mink due to the nature of the material.



Hugrz Boot Wraps also sent me an accessory to try: the Black Crisscross Suede Lacing.  The lacing comes with illustrated instructions which were extremely easy to follow.  All I had to do was wrap the lacing around the back, criss cross in the front, criss cross again in the back and wrap around the button in front…very simple!  The Black Crisscross Suede Lacing definitely adds that little bit of extra flair to my Fancy Striped Mink Hugrz but is also great to help make the Hugrz snug to the boot if you are wearing slick leather boots.  Hugrz Boot Wraps sells several other accessories as well including cute little pom poms, feather tassles and bands.



While the Fancy Striped Mink will match both pairs of boots, I will probably wear them mostly with the black boots and use the Toggle Sand Fair Isle pair on my brown boots.  They are easy to switch if I change my mind and want a different style.  Now I can look forward to the weather getting cooler out and having a great excuse to finally wear my boots out and show off my new style! 


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