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Sometimes you just need a chance to put the baby in a safe, comfortable place and rest your arms.  The InGenuity baby bouncer is the perfect solution.  With my son, a portable swing was great in the beginning- but sometimes he just needed something a little more like mommy’s bounce.  


Product Features:

30 minutes of continuous bouncing

Cradling seat with removable head support, infant bolster and 3 point harness

Moveable arm with hanging toy

Non-slip feet


Personal Review:

 As I opened the InGenuity baby bouncer package, I looked at all the pieces thinking, “Wow, this is going to take a while to put together!”  Five minutes later, my husband had assembled the bouncer and had batteries in it and everything!  The electronic box was a little snug to insert, but other than that, it was quick and easy to assemble.  

At first, the bouncer looked as though it laid too vertically. But with a little weight on it, it is at the perfect angle for an infant.  As I turned the bouncer on and pressed buttons to check out the sound and bouncing, I came across pleasant music…and even the sound of water!  There is a combination of 10 different melodies and nature sounds which seemed to entertain my son or make him rub his eyes sleepily, depending on the time of day.  

The material on the bouncer is all extremely soft, and the seat straps are secure enough that you don’t have to worry about baby getting out.  I would definitely be comfortable putting a newborn into the bouncer.   The colors are gender neutral so the bouncer can even grow with your family.  

I am sure most moms understand the importance of being able to wash any cloth material their baby comes in contact with.  The seat, headrest, bolster and harness are all removable and machine washable (and unlike many soft materials I’ve had on baby products, washing and drying did not make the fabric rougher or give that “gritty” feeling).  

The InGenuity baby bouncer does take batteries – 3 C batteries in fact.  While these may be costly, I always have rechargeable batteries on hand.  I have not used another bouncer so I cannot compare the battery life but this bouncer has Hybridrive technology, enabling batteries to last 2x as long as they normally would.  Hybridrive technology is designed to be more cost-effective as well as more environmentally safe with the use of fewer batteries.  

The downside? First of all, the only power method is battery. I know… cords are unsafe and many parents prefer batteries, but the option of a removable cord saves a lot of money for parents who don’t have other children young enough to worry about the cord. This issue exists with nearly all portable bouncers and swings, even many stationary units, though so it isn’t an issue with only this bouncer. 

Second, the battery powered bouncer unit is designed like many others to create a rhythmic motion, cycling up and down until the baby is gently bouncing. This design is great, until the baby begins moving. For the first few months this isn’t an issue, but once baby wants to flail about at nap time or try to squirm out of the seat, the movement disturbs the rhythm of the unit and the bouncing stops. Again, not unique to this bouncer – this is a problem that almost all bouncers and many swings have in common.  

Overall I would recommend the InGenuity baby bouncer to anyone, and the design is very quiet unlike the slight click and creak of the swing we previously used. Having a baby that is walking and one on the way, this will get the most use with our newborn on the way and the lack of cord will be necessary this time around to keep my toddler safe. The design is great and easy to assemble and take apart, with lock together poles and only two screws to use in the entire assembly process.  The bouncer comes apart just as easily and quickly as it was put together.  



The InGenuity baby bouncer is available for purchase at Target, Walmart and Amazon.  




An InGenuity bouncer product sample was given to Family Centsability by Bright Starts to review. 

3 Responses to Review: InGenuity Baby Bouncer

  1. We use one of these for our son, and he loves it! He is a super fussy baby, but this helps to calm him down :)

  2. would make the best gift ever for my son and daughter in law, i just found out I was going to be a grandma, their first child, i am thrilled!!!!

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