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When I was pregnant with my son (who is now 13 months) I was a first time mom.  I was reading everything I could on parenting to make sure I did everything right.  One thing that I read about was music for the baby before birth.  At 16 weeks, the baby is able to hear sounds outside the womb.  The only headphones I had were earbuds which do not sit well on your belly…and I sure wasn’t sticking them in my belly button!  Instead, I just played music in the room I was in often, hoping he could hear it.  Now that I am pregnant again, I decided to see if there were any better solutions to play music for my belly.  While searching online, I came across the itummy Maternity Band.  How genius!  It is a band that has a special pouch for your mp3 player and has two small speakers that aim at the bottom of your belly.  

I was lucky with my son and he was upside down from week 20.  We never had to worry about him being breech…he was in position and ready to greet the world.  The itummy Maternity Band encourages babies to follow the music to avoid a breech position at birth.  I have heard that every pregnancy is different so the itummy may help me make sure that baby #2 is in the right position just like his or her big brother.  

When I slipped on the itummy Maternity Band, I was instantly comfortable.  I am only 18 weeks right now and the band is a little loose which is perfect – I definitely will need the room to grow in the next 22 weeks!  The band also can serve as a support band.  I had to pull the band up a little for the headphones to be in the right place but as my belly grows, they will adjust to the right position.  Hooking up your mp3 player is easy – I even used my iPhone.  Just plug the headphone jack in and start your music and you are ready to go.  Be sure to check the volume before you put the speakers down on your belly because the volume depends on your mp3 player’s volume. 


As I mentioned before, the itummy Maternity Band has a pouch for your mp3 player at the top.  Since my iPhone is a little large and my belly still a bit small, I did have to adjust the band to be comfortable but with a smaller mp3 player, it is hardly noticeable.  

The itummy Maternity Band is great to wear around the house.  I washed dishes and went on with my normal life with the band on and almost forgot it was there until my phone rang.  If you keep the volume at a reasonable level, you will not even notice it as you wear the band.  I can’t wait to create a special playlist for when I use the itummy and let this baby start listening to some tunes!  




Purchase your own itummy Maternity Band

The itummy maternity band can be purchased online on the itummy website for just $49.95 in sizes small, medium and large.  You can choose either tan or black for the color.  itummy also sells relaxing music cds and hot packs.  

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